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5 Axis Laser Cutting

While other laser cutting services will simply only work on flat sheet, bar and plate, our 5 axis service works towards creating high quality 3D parts. We understand that sometimes these designs can sometimes mean that we need to work with a different form of material. We have over two decades of experience in the 5 axis/ 3 dimensional cutting industry. We constantly work and check on a product to ensure that it is created to the highest of standards. We understand that a design is going to be something that is looked at and appreciated, so you can be positive that any work we do will cater to your high standards.

There isn’t any wonder why our 5 axis laser cutting division is so highly regarded by the automotive industry. We can work with anything ranging from prototype/body in white to supporting all kinds of production lines. We are versatile to any specific need you have. Subon Laser Cutting 5 axis division will provide a truly world class manufacturing service that cannot be found anywhere else.

We have the ability to offer a variety of multi axis 3D laser cutting machines that are all supported by some of the most state of the art networked offline programming departments. Our tailored in house jig and fixture manufacturing facility make us truly unique compared to other laser cutting companies.

Our continual investment programme has helped to lead to our unrivalled 5 axis cutting capacity that incorporates the TruLaser Cell Series 7040. The TruLaser is one of the most high end laser processing machines, it has the added bonus of minimal processing costs and maximum flexibility. This allows us to create a perfect product every single time.

Subcon Laser Cutting’s state of the art Trumpf CNC 3D laser systems are amongst our most valuable tools. They are programmed by our high tech offline programming department. It allows us to continually ensure that we operate with only the highest levels of efficiency, accuracy and quality during all of the production process. Other laser cutting companies ignore these stages, creating products that are not up to the correct standard. One of our major goals is ensuring you get a quality item each time, and we do this through our quality control tests.


There are various advantages to using a 5 Axis laser cutting service over any traditional milling or cutting methods.


Our high cutting speeds allows us to be much more efficient. It cuts 70% faster compared to any milling or drilling. There is also less chance of any accidental damage as there isn’t anywhere near as much physical pressure required. The fast turnaround allows us to get your product to you as soon as possible, with as little waiting time as possible.

When creating a design etched onto a piece of material, you may require various colour shading. Other companies can choose to do this by using dyes. Dyes are not economical in the slightest, and that is something that is against our entire company ethos. By using laser cutting, we can easily create the shade you want, all while maintaining an economical business.

Our machines are so accurate they are still very cost effective over a large range of production quantities. It doesn’t matter if it is prototyping, or a full scale model line, you will receive a quality service for a cost effective price.


By only using the most accurate machinery that provides consistent results, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. Our expert technical team will make sure that all of our tools are working correctly.

The tolerance that 5 axis laser cutting provides is typically 2.5% of material thickness to a minimum of 0.0025 mm. This is one of the best tolerances that you will be able to find in the whole laser cutting market.

Because of our lasers being so intricate, we can cut even the smallest of detail with the greatest of ease. No project is out of our grasp, and we look forward to seeing what designs you may have in mind.


Because of the way 5 axis laser cutting works, there is no mechanical force applied. This means that there will be no warping or material contamination, this is not something that other cutting services can boast about. Because of this process, there is also very little chance of material deformation.

By using only the highest quality 5 axis laser cutting tools, ran by some of the best expert in this field of work, you can be sure that you will always get a high quality cut. This means there will be a better fit and product appearance.


We can easily cut through a wide range of hardnesses in various materials. Sometimes a different hardness may suit the design you have in mind, so we will work with the most suitable material to provide you with the best design you can imagine.

We can easily adapt to any of your design changes. Because of the way laser cutting works, we can incorporate design changes without it becoming too expensive, and without slowing down the whole process.


5 axis laser trimming is mostly used to cut pressured components, spinnings and formed tube. The workpiece remains stationary by being carefully clamped to either a fixture or jig. The sophisticated laser head will then move at a high speed around the piece, making the necessary cuts in the 3 dimensional formed part.

Our company is one of the few that is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) so you can always be sure that you can rely on all of our highly trained and experienced professionals. We only ever produce designs that will leave you completely satisfied.

If you have any questions at all, or you want any more information about any of our 5 axis laser cutting services, then don’t hesitate about getting in touch. You can get in touch with us by either telephone, emailing us at or simply by using the quick contact form you can find below. Get in touch today!


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