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Winning Best Subcontractor 1996

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Our team have been working together for many years and at our core, Subcon Laser is a family business. Over the years, we have collected many awards that recognise our achievements, but some have stuck with us for a long time. One award we were particularly proud to win was the highly prestigious Best Subcontractor at the International Subcontracting Industry awards in 1996. It may be 21 years ago now, but this gala dinner and presentation...

It’s Been A Record Breaking July for Subcon Laser!

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At Subcon Laser, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and in July we were so efficient our production was at record breaking levels! Therefore, to meet demand for our award-winning laser cutting services we are planning to make a few new investments to enable us to continue to provide the highest quality service to all our clients and to keep us at the forefront of a highly competitive industry. Key to Subcon’s...

When Animation Meets Laser Engraved Toast

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When you first start planning an animated music video, you might expect that your main tools would be the humble pen and paper of time gone by. But, OK Go, an American rock band originally from Chicago are known for their alternative videos. Instead of doing what everyone else would have, they looked for other means to animate. Namely: toast and a laser cutter. (more…)...

The Biggest, Best and Brightest Lasers

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There is always a bit of competition when it comes to manufacturing and the laser making industry is no different. Who can make the biggest? Who can make the sharpest? These are the questions that drive progress and bring us even better machines to play work with. At Subcon, we are incredibly proud of the laser cutting machines we use. They provide our clients with a...

Intricate Patterns Made with Tiny Laser Cutting Tolerances

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Aside from the high quality and the economic advantages, one of the greatest benefits of laser cutting is the incredible accuracy this method can achieve. Laser cutting tolerances are typically around 2.5% of material thickness but can be as tiny as 0.025mm. Being able to cut and engrave to such fine tolerances gives artists and designers more freedom to create intricate patterns. From the purely decorative to the...