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Category Archives: Blogs

Subcon Attends Made in the Midlands Expo17

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It’s that time of year again and we’re Gold Exhibitors at the Made in the Midlands Exhibition. This exhibition has become something of an annual trip for the Subcon Laser team and we are excited to present some of our most recent work. Every year, hundreds of manufacturers come together to show off our best work and learn from each other. With...

How to Use Super Flexible Laser Cut Plywood

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One of the best things about working with laser cutters is watching materials transform. Starting with simple sheets of metal, we can create so many different things: from automotive parts to garden sculptures, tiny letters for a garden to ornate gates.   Laser cutting doesn’t just change the shape of the material either, with some clever cutting, you can change the...

7 of the Best Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

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Wedding season is almost upon us and if you have added those last few names to your guest list, you will probably be looking for the perfect invitation cards. Well, you’ll hardly be surprised that at Subcon, we are particularly taken with the laser cut wedding invitations that are in fashion at the moment. After finding Eric Standley’s work, we have been looking for other beautiful examples of...

How CAD Brings Laser Cut Designs to Life

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Laser cutting has made manufacturing faster, cheaper and, most importantly, more accurate than ever. But it’s not just the laser cutter that is making the difference, it’s the computer aided design (CAD) that has made creating new and interesting designs possible. From novelty to innovation, CAD is what makes an idea a reality.

Why Use CAD?

Humans aren’t perfect; we all make mistakes. Whether it is a sudden twitch or a project that...

Ikea’s Growroom is Laser Cut Garden Genius

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Gardening in the city is full of challenges. Small spaces and limited resources mean that the chance to enjoy a green outdoor area can be difficult to achieve. Enter Ikea. Together with SPACE10, the flatpack furniture superstore have come up with the ultimate design to solve all of these problems. Their solution is elegant, easy to construct and requires three things: plywood, a couple of rubber hammers and access...