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How CAD Brings Laser Cut Designs to Life

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Laser cutting has made manufacturing faster, cheaper and, most importantly, more accurate than ever. But it’s not just the laser cutter that is making the difference, it’s the computer aided design (CAD) that has made creating new and interesting designs possible. From novelty to innovation, CAD is what makes an idea a reality.

Why Use CAD?

Humans aren’t perfect; we all make mistakes. Whether it is a sudden twitch or a project that...

Ikea’s Growroom is Laser Cut Garden Genius

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Gardening in the city is full of challenges. Small spaces and limited resources mean that the chance to enjoy a green outdoor area can be difficult to achieve. Enter Ikea. Together with SPACE10, the flatpack furniture superstore have come up with the ultimate design to solve all of these problems. Their solution is elegant, easy to construct and requires three things: plywood, a couple of rubber hammers and access...

How NASA Made a Stopwatch to Measure a Billionth of a Second

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NASA are playing with lasers again and this time, they have more on their mind than finding phytoplankton or searching for life on Mars. Their mission, ICESat-2 is to create the most detailed map of Earth ever made in order to track the changes to the surface of the planet. In particular, the mission is interested in the...

The History Of Lasers

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We use lasers every day to manufacture products for all sorts of industries from construction to petrochemical to automotive. Laser cutting has revolutionised the manufacturing industry making it faster, cheaper and more accurate than ever. When the laser was first theorised, no one could think of a good use for it which, looking back on it now seems crazy. But, there were a few scientists who saw the potential in...

Add Beautiful Laser Cut Sculptures to Your Garden

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Our outdoor spaces are precious to us Brits and while lots of us spend a lot of time caring for our lawns, there are others who think of their gardens as canvases for their artistic designs. While we have already suggested alternatives to the humble garden fence there are plenty of other ideas brewing for adding laser cut beauty to your garden. Here are a few ideas for sculptures that might...