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Mild Steel – up to 25mm


General Cutting Tolerance

  • >3mm – +/-0.1mm
  • 3-6mm – +/-0.15mm
  • 6-12mm – +/-0.2mm
  •  >12mm – +/-0.3mm


Common Grades Stocked

CR4 / S275 / S355 / Corten / Spring Steel / Tread Plate / Galvanised / Zinc Coated

Mild steel is one of the materials we work with most commonly here at Subcon Laser – it is used in many capacities and for various reasons; it is an essential material for many companies and industries. We are proud to be able to tell you that you can rely on us for all of your mild steel cutting needs. Our accuracy is superb and many of our customers – both regular customers and ones who simply require one-off jobs – rely on us to laser-cut their mild steel. We have gained a great reputation due to the outstanding services we offer across the board, and one of the materials we deal with most is mild steel.

Mild steel contains a good amount of carbon – more than some other types of steel (such as low carbon steel, as its name suggests) – which means that it isn’t brittle and it doesn’t lose its toughness when its deformed. It is a material which is used very commonly in construction – many structural steel items are made out of mild steel due to its immense strength.

It is a relatively inexpensive steel and is malleable, which makes it ideal for the purposes of construction and pretty much anything else which requires strong and resilient materials for that matter.

When we cut mild steel, the general cutting tolerances of it are as follows… If the piece is less than 3mm in thickness, there is a tolerance of 0.1mm, meaning that it will be either a tenth of a millimetre plus or minus, which is extremely impressive given that a tenth of a millimetre is a very small measurement. When the mild steel we’re cutting is between 3mm and 6mm thick, the cutting tolerance is 0.15mm, which again is impressive. When the thickness is between 6mm and 12mm, the tolerance moves up to 0.2mm, and from 12mm and upwards in thickness the general cutting tolerance is 0.3mm. These tolerances are exactly the same as our stainless steel ones, and we are very proud of the fact that we can cut mild steel so accurately and maintain our high standards.

The grades of mild steel we commonly stock are CR4, S275 and S355. We also can provide you with a variety of finishes, such as corten, spring steel, tread plate, galvanised and zinc coated. If you have any other requirements, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you; we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

If you would like any more information about the services we can offer on mild steel, why not get in touch today? You can speak to us by phone or by email – it’s up to you entirely. If you want to give us a ring, our phone number is 024 7664 2221, and our email is Whichever way you get in touch, you can rest assured that you’ll deal with super friendly staff who know exactly what they’re talking about – our customer service is something we take pride in.


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