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Secondary Laser Cutting Operations

Subcon Laser is a dedicated laser cutting service, with two axis laser cutting and 5 axis laser cutting both available. We can work with a wide range of materials and throughout a selection of sectors to ensure our services provide the best possible results within your business. From machining parts to assisting in the creation of various products, we can work with you to achieve your requirements.

Our laser cutting machine is second to none, and we can provide you with a service that truly is one of a kind. However, laser cutting isn’t the only thing we can manage, as we also offer a range of services that our clients and customers find equally useful.

These include laser engraving, programming and steel stockholding, all of which can be essential for many businesses. Aside from these additional services, we also offer secondary laser cutting operations which can ensure your project is handled with care and finesse. This means you’ll never be disappointed with the end result when working with Subcon Laser.

To find out more about the secondary operations we’re able to carry out, take a look below:

Bending and Forming

Bending and forming is a type of metalwork which is used with sheet metal. Bending adds a unique V- or U-shape to the metal, which is essential for certain products. For example, most ductwork must go through the bending process using a machine press in order to be complete.

Our mechanical presses do this job perfectly, and our experience in bending and forming ensures every product is completed to specifications. We can also carry out stretch forming and deep drawing, both of which processes we’ll be happy to talk you through should you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.

Welding and Assembly

We have an incredibly skilled team of experts at Subcon Laser, which allows us to translate your required design into the real world, so that we can create a precision-finished product for you.

We are able to carry out both manual and semi-automatic welding, and can work with a wide range of materials when welding. This includes some of the more ‘exotic’ materials, which means you will always be able to come to Subcon Laser no matter what kind of welding you require.

When it comes to assembly, we can complete all kinds of assembled units to ensure your project is completed perfectly.


If you require any metal machining work, Subcon Laser can help you. Our subtractive manufacturing is always carried out by industry experts, who have extensive experience in this area. We have the right tools for the job as well, so you can ensure your work is always carried out to the specified brief.

We understand that machining is one of the most important initial stages to any project, and we can work with all kinds of materials, too. While metal is our most common machining material, we’re also able to work with wood, plastic, ceramics and composites.

Plating and Powder Coating

We have an excellent range of plating and powder coating services at Subcon Laser, all of which can provide you with the end results you require. You’ll always want to be able to call on experienced professionals in this industry when you require these services, which is why Subcon Laser should always be your first port of call. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure our services are unrivalled in this area.

We are able to complete a vast selection of powder coating types, with chrome, copper, tin, nickel, lacquer and brass being just some of the coatings we can work with.

Vibratory Deburring

Vibratory deburring is an essential part of many projects, and when we’re provided with briefs that require this service we always ensure our trained experts carry out the job perfectly. Our special vibratory deburring machines are ideal for mass production, and can help you to get the most suitable end result for your requirements.

Deburring can allow you to improve the overall appearance of your components, as well as giving them a more appealing and workable surface finish. It will also remove any unwanted sharp edges to make your components ideal for the job. We offer an incredibly fast turnaround period for vibratory deburring as well.

Drill and Tapping

Our drill and tapping service is carried out by our experienced technicians, all of whom are well-versed in the use of our drill and tapping machines. We are able to assist within all extensive areas of manufacturing, and we always make sure to test our machines on predefined industrial parameters to provide you with a completely flawless service. If you would like to find out more about our drill and tapping services, please feel free to get in touch with us today.


Subcon Laser has excellent inspection systems to ensure our principles and technologies are utilised in the best possible ways. We assess our inspection policies at regular intervals as well, and always carry them out to set specifications.

By carrying out the correct inspection processes, we are able to ensure any issues or problems with your fabrication are uncovered ahead of time. Our technicians are all experts in the specialisation of fabrication and welding inspection, as well.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is an incredibly useful method of creating essential devices and parts for your brief, to ensure the end result is precisely to your specifications. Our experts will be able to assess the original product and then create one that is far superior, or which utilises the same principles as the first product – the choice is yours.

We can provide you with a huge selection of services at Subcon Laser, and are proud of our experience and talent. We can help you to complete the perfect brief for your requirements, so if you require the use of any of our secondary operations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 024 7664 2221, emailing or tweeting us on @SubconLaser.


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