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Customer Focus Survey

In order to ensure that the products and service offered by the company continue to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, we request that you take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire and fax it back to Subcon Laser Cutting Ltd 02476 342180 Thank you.

Statements: Please select the answer that you believe matches your experience with Subcon Laser Cutting Ltd

1*) What Percentage Of Your Laser Cutting Requirements Do We Receive?

Under 10%10 - 40%40 - 70%70 - 100%

2*)Do You See Subcon Laser As A:

Last Resort SupplierJust Another SupplierPreferred SupplierFirst Choice Supplier

3*)Do You Think Subcon Lasers Quotes Are:

ExpensiveSometimes CompetitiveAlways CompetitiveBest Value

4*)Is Our Quote Response Time:


5*)Is The Time From Order To Delivery:-

Too LongAcceptableQuickVery Quick

6*)Is The Laser Cutting Quality:-

PoorAdequateQuickVery Quick

7*)Are Delivery Promises:

Never KeptRarely KeptSometimes KeptAlways Kept

8*)If You Experience Problems Of Any Kind With Subcon Laser Are They Dealt With Quickly And Effectively:


9*)Is The Courtesy Of Subcon Lasers Staff:


10*)Would You Like A Member Of Our Sales Team To Contact You:

Once A MonthOnce Every Three MonthsOnce Every Six MonthsNever Unless There Is A Problem

How do you believe we could improve the products and/or service we provide you with?



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