Laser_cuttingAs industries are becoming more and more fast paced, the need for laser cutting has increased, as has the need for a quick response and turn-around time. With laser cutting machines being costly to own and run, laser cutting companies have become more important than ever for different businesses.

However, there are a number of companies that specialise in these services, which often leaving people wondering who they should approach to get the best results in the quickest time.

This blog will provide you with a checklist of ten key things you should expect from your laser cutting company. So read on, take note, and let us aid you in the journey of finding a laser company that you can trust.

1. An Alternative To Conventional Tools

For a long time, conventional tools such as circular blades and hammers have been used to manufacture materials. However, they provide a variety of problems, including a lack of accuracy, the inability to work with certain materials and a high margin of human error.

Laser cutting is different, and is an incredible process that can easily work with a variety of materials. There’s very little chance of accidental damage, as the important tasks are done by using an automated system known as CAD (Computer Aided Design). This allows a computer to complete any work to an accurate and efficient standard.

2. A Wide Material Compatibility Range

Regardless of the industry, there are a number of materials that are worked with. Yet one of the biggest issues with other manufacturing tools is that they are greatly restricted on what they can actually process.

However, this isn’t the case with laser cutting. This is because the technology involved has become more sophisticated, and it’s now possible to work with an even wider material range. So whereas other tools struggle with materials such as plywood or zintec, a good laser cutting company will be able to work with both of these, and much more.

3. The Latest In Technology

There are a large number of laser cutting companies available, so in order to ensure you’re getting the best, the chosen supplier should have the latest in cutting technology.

One new industry innovation that creates a fine quality finish, is the fibre laser. This machine can provide a quality cut whilst saving considerably more energy. This significantly increases productivity, so the service customers receive is more efficient.

4. Flexibility

In a lot of cases, a job may need to be done within a certain time limit. A good laser cutting company can have their machines working 24/7, so that even last minute surprise jobs can be handled with ease and larger jobs delivered in a quick and efficient manner.

5. Engraving Services

Although laser machines are often associated with just cutting, there’s actually a lot more that they can do. One such addition is the ability to engrave onto a material. This is an effective way of creating writing or an image without making a full cut.

Any good laser cutting company should be able to process a range of materials without sacrificing the quality. It’s also worth considering that different types of jobs require various levels of intensity, so a strong knowledge and a wealth of previous experience is beneficial. Your laser company should know that there should be no contact, or inks which can cause excessive damage.

6. Lack Of Unnecessary Marks

There is nothing worse than receiving a piece of material you’ve sent for processing, just for it to be returned with marks on it. This is something that happens with laser cutting companies that don’t take the correct precautions.

‘Vibratory deburring’ is a process to improve the appearance of any component by using a specialised vibrating machine, making them more workable and appealing. It also makes the item more safe if any sharp edges are present.

7. Good Customer Service

Regardless of the laser cutting company, there should be good levels of customer service. This is one of the best ways to understand how a business works and what their service entails.

Transparency is key as well. You should always understand what’s going on with your order, what part of the process it’s going through and how long until it will be completed.

8. Experience

If a laser cutting company is has extensive experience working with different materials for various industries, then they are likely to reputable. Many often have a blog or news section available on their website. Not only does it show you how much they understand about the industry, but you may also discover practical advice about laser cutting.

9. Immediate Material Availability

In the case that you don’t have the material to supply, the company you use should have immediate access to what you need. Some businesses in this sector have their own warehouses with large inventory to cope with demand. This allows for an efficient and fast service.

All of these materials should be good quality and stored appropriately. Look out for an ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) rating, which means that they have taken the appropriate measures to provide a high standard of work.

10. Precise Inspection

Regardless of how big or small an item is, it’s vital that an inspection is carried out. Although laser cutting is an accurate process, depending on the material, there could still be accidental damage. If there’s a strict inspection after every process, it leaves enough time for secondary operations that can repair any marks.

Dependable Laser Cutting Companies

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