You’ve finally found it… the ultimate beginners guide for wannabe laser engravers. Ok, so it probably doesn’t sound that incredible when you read it aloud, but for what it’s worth you’re about to discover some pretty useful laser engraving tools.

Well done you. You’ve joined the 12 other engravers in the world.

You see – while it may not seem like the coolest of trades to master… wait, what are we talking about? LASER ENGRAVING IS AMAZING! This is without doubt one of the most interesting, fun and creative skills you can possibly learn and with a little help you could be well on your way to becoming the next big thing in this industry.

What many people fail to recognise is that laser engraving has changed the way we do things, not least because it helps us create products that were once considered impossible. As laser cutting technology has advanced, so too have the tools we use and this can only be a positive for the industry.

Essential laser engraving tools

4 tools laser engravers couldn’t do without

1. C02 laser

A laser engraving machine will be able to engrave, etch or mark practically any material. Depending on the power of the C02 laser used however, it can be used as a powerfully precise cutting tool as well.

Even very low powered C02 systems can cut through a variety of materials like wood, plastic and vinyl, but increased power enables them to cut through metals and so on.

The great thing about a C02 laser engraver is that it makes very precise cuts into the source material, giving you a professional finish every time.

2. CAD (Computer Aided Design)

CAD (also known as Computer Aided Design), is one of the most important aspects of any laser cutting process, especially engraving. This is a system that allows users to input the specific design that needs to be carried out. Once inputted, changes to the design can be made before the engraving begins.

Any design which you have in mind will be automatically saved to the database, making it a relatively simple process to amend at a later date. Each change you make in the design is also logged, so if at any point you want to change it to a previous form, it can be done so thanks to the memory storage.

Similar tools which are used for engraving are generally manually controlled, however this leaves a high margin for error. Not only that, but if it’s being controlled by hand it can be incredibly repetitive for the user and leave them prone to mistake or strain. Laser cutting machines fitted with CAD are able to run on a 24/7 basis, leaving you to carry on as normal.

laser engravers essential tools

3. Laser engraving machine

The final product and the tool you use must remain safe during the manufacturing period, so using a machine that can ensure the process is as smooth as possible is essential. This process must be lean and efficient, because any miscalculation or outside interference could have disastrous results.

4. Safety goggles

As a beginner, the most important thing you need to take into consideration when using any laser equipment is health & safety. One false move and you could end up with a very serious and potentially life changing injury, so investing in a pair of safety goggles is a smart and inexpensive purchase.

Having laser eye surgery is completely different than having a laser unintentionally damage your eye, so take precaution and wear goggles.

What does custom laser engraving entail?

The best thing about custom laser engraving is that it opens up a world of possibilities. When it comes to engraving any material, there are fewer methods which deliver better results or accuracy than a laser. For that reason alone, we are able to produce designs and ideas that would be too difficult using other methods.

Laser engraving requires highly precise incisions into a material in order to create a unique and purposeful design. It can be a very tricky and masterful skill to achieve, but with the right tools you can create new products in next to no time.

A custom laser engraving

Why choose Subcon Laser?

As one of the UK’s leading laser cutting services, we like to ensure that all our designs meet our exceedingly high standards. We have worked with a number of happy customers from a variety of different industries over the years; many of whom have gone on to become regular clients.

Our advanced laser cutting technology has made it possible to etch and engrave unique designs that were never thought possible, but this is just the beginning for Subcon Laser. Not only can we help improve the way your business works, but we can also do it in next to no time thanks to our incredibly accurate and fast laser cutting machines.

If laser cutting sounds like something you would be interested in, please feel free to get in touch with our professional advisors today on 024 7664 2221 or leave a message on our contact us page.