It may only be February, but spring is in the air. Already some flowers are bursting into bloom and we think that the birds can’t be too far behind. If you want to get up close and Spring Watch on your feathered friends during chick season, then the best thing you can do is invest in a birdhouse.

Of course, you could just pop down to your local garden centre, but if you fancy something a little more exciting, you could create any number of interesting designs using laser cutting and laser engraving techniques.

Why not take a look at these birdhouses for some inspiration?

Laser Cut and Lovely

Laser Cut Birdhouse

Pattern Perfection

This birdhouse has been cleverly laser cut so that it fits together nicely and there is a long perch to make getting in easier.


roof pattern birdhouse

Alternative Chic

The roof pattern on this birdhouse could easily be recreated using laser engraving for a precision effect. Very classy.


laser cut birdhouse in maple and walnut

Open House

A little more extravagant, this laser cut birdhouse fits rather beautifully into its environment with an interesting design.


open birdhouse


An estate agent might describe this birdhouse as ‘having potential’ and that’s exactly what birds are looking for! We like the simplicity and irony of the egg shape.

DIY Laser Cut Bird House

This next birdhouse is cleverly designed with a door at the back so that at the end of the season, the box can be given a clean out ready for the next occupants. You can even watch it being made.

With all these innovative designs to inspire you, now is the perfect time to get designing ready for your spring visitors.