Laser cutting is one of the most popular ways of cutting metals and other materials. First used in the 1970s, laser cutting has grown in terms of versatility and skill level, and has gone on to be one of the best ways you can cut your materials up.

This for a few reasons.

Laser cutting is fast and can be programmed and left to its own devices by using Computer Aided Design. Because of this, it can be left to work on any cutting projects overnight and requires no hands-on human interaction.

This saves time and cuts the costs of laser cutting services. The result of this is that laser cutting services are suddenly cheaper for businesses that need them – which is an exciting prospect indeed.

CAD also makes any laser cut carried out incredibly accurate, and you’ll find little tarnish or damage to any laser cut product because the process reduces the risk heavily when compared with other cutting methods.

For these reasons, laser cutting has become one of the most commonly used methods of cutting, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

And another one of the main reasons that laser cutting is so popular is because this specific cutting method can provide finishing touches that no other type of cutting process can provide to customers.

Interested to know exactly what these are? Then read on and see just how versatile and impressive laser cutting can actually be.


1. Unmarked edges

When it comes to cutting materials, a lot of the time they can receive unwanted damage.

For a long time, this was simply part of the process.

However, laser cutting is changing that for the better.

If you get your materials cut with laser technology, you can be sure you’ll get incredibly smooth edges that look great.

So if you want high quality products that will be expertly cut and will also be a great addition to your company, then look no further than laser cutting.

2. Tolerances below 0.2 mm

Another finishing touch that lasers can provide that others will find troublesome is a promise of tolerances below 0.2mm.

A tolerance is how much bigger or smaller a piece can be that will still function in its original role.

0.2mm is a much smaller tolerance that can be achieved by other cutting methods on the market. So if you feel this tolerance could be of use to you, then you should be making the most out of laser cutting technology.

3. Fast turn around time

Laser cutting is incredibly quick and efficient. We touched on computer aided design earlier on, AKA CAD, and it’s this software that allows laser cutting to continue to function overnight without the need for constant human interaction.

Laser cutting machines can largely look after themselves, and with the right measurements programmed you can be sure you’ll get an accurate cut every single time.

It’s this speed and efficiency that makes laser cutting stand out from all other forms of cutting types – so don’t miss out if you’re after the finishing touch of incredible, yet accurate, speed.

4. Engraving services

If you really want to personalise your last cut materials, then you’re in for a treat. Laser cutting can’t only just cut your materials, it can also engrave them too.

With CAD, any design is possible – so consult with your laser cutting suppliers to see what they can do to really give your product that added, memorable edge.

5. 3D capabilities

Another key perk of using laser cutting as opposed to other methods is the fact that laser cutting can also create 3D objects.

You only need to look at the latest news on 3D printers to see what can be achieved with this technology. It was recently reported that 3D printers can actually print 3D printer parts so you can construct another (slightly smaller) 3D printer.

We don’t know about you, but we think that sounds very impressive indeed.

So if you need 3D services when it comes to your cutting options – laser cutting could be the best solution for your needs.

6. Variety of materials

One of the great things about laser cutting is that it works on a variety of materials. Everything from wood to metal can be cut with lasers – so if you’re after a great finish on any kind of product, then see what laser cutting can do for you.

However, there is one thing that lasers cannot cut and that’s reflective metals. Laser cutting also works best on thinner materials, usually below the width of 20mm.

7. A high quality, accurate finish every time

Laser cutting is incredibly accurate. So one finishing touch that other forms of cutting struggle with is providing an incredibly accurate, high quality finish every time.

CAD allows for exact measurements to be cut so that you’ll get exactly what your company needs within the laser cutting promises of 0.2mm tolerance. And because you can rely on this process for both accuracy and speed, you can be sure that there’s very little chance your product won’t be perfect the first time.

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