Wedding season is almost upon us and if you have added those last few names to your guest list, you will probably be looking for the perfect invitation cards. Well, you’ll hardly be surprised that at Subcon, we are particularly taken with the laser cut wedding invitations that are in fashion at the moment.

After finding Eric Standley’s work, we have been looking for other beautiful examples of laser cut paper art. While several of the dinosaurs were constructed out of cardboard, these wedding invitations are really taking advantage of the intricacy in design that a laser cutter can achieve.

Laser cutters achieve such fine, detailed patterns with the assistance of CAD. It is with CAD that a designer can keep the paper from burning with too much heat but also ensure that the design will hold together once cut. Between the two technologies, almost anything is possible!

Here are a few of our favourites:

Shimmering Chic

Combining the traditional lace look with metallic paper, regimented rows of tiny eyelets meet fine curving lines in this design. A hint of industrial style makes this invite stand out from the crowd.

metallic laser cut wedding invite

Initial Invites

This delicate repeating pattern leads the eye up the invitation to the initials nestled into the fronds. Subtlety of design and a soft blue background give this invitation class.

blue laser cut wedding invitation (1)

Floral Elegance

Coco herself could have designed this black and cream simplicity. The flower petals fold together to form an unintrusive seal.

elegant mysterious black laser cut wedding invitations

Peach Perfect

The large spaces in this pattern lend it a delicacy that would be difficult to achieve by hand. With careful planning, the whole pattern holds together while appearing to float.

peach laser cut wedding invitation (1)

Soft Swirls

The space in between each fine sweeping line gives this invitation a lightness you couldn’t achieve without a laser cutter. We are quite taken with the diamante embellishments too.

lilac laser cut wedding invitation

Natural Love

With delicate leaves and long reaching branches, this tree design is complete with a heart at its roots. It’s the attention to detail that makes this design so beautiful.

tree laser cut wedding invitation

Open the Gates

These gates may look simple but those perfect straight lines and symmetrical swirls give away the influence of CAD.

modern navy blue gate folded laser cut wedding invitations

The accuracy of laser cutting allows designers to create intricate patterns. With a tolerance as small as 0.025mm, a laser is able to cut a fine design without risking tearing or damaging the material in the process – something a human could not achieve by hand.

It’s a surprise that everything isn’t laser cut these days!