Christmas trees come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. From the huge trees in department stores to ‘alternative’ trees made of driftwood, there are plenty to choose from this festive season.

Being laser cutting experts, we couldn’t help but fall in love with these modern designs for Christmas trees:

Green Cascade


We love this green paper tree. It’s a great example of how a simple design can translate into a stunning piece of art.

Branch Out


We’re spoilt for choice with these lovely trees. The tallest at the back looks perfect for hanging tiny baubles and the smallest would make a special table decoration.

Christmas Lights


What do you get when you add a detailed laser cut tree to a light bulb? A thing of beauty. Or three things of beauty in this case. This display is festive without being too much.

Spread the Word


If you don’t have room for a 3D tree, then this design incorporating swirls and stars could be for you. Standing proudly on top of the words Merry Christmas, this laser cut tree could feature on your window ledge.

Simple, Elegant


We can’t help but think that these trees would make a great cake tower… or possibly some foil wrapped chocolates for a bit of glitz.

Glitz and Glam


Speaking of glitz, the stars that make up this laser cut tree give it a distinctive appearance that draws the eye. There’s no need for more decorations but those points would be perfect for hanging baubles.

Season’s Sustainability


You wouldn’t think that this gorgeous tree was made of cardboard or that it’s sustainable too! While you could happily leave this tree bare for a minimalist look, the branches are just tempting you to add a sprinkle of tinsel.

Festive Forest


A forest of alternative wooden trees gathered around the laser cut majesty in the the middle. The different styles all complement each other, with the range of sizes and textures looking lovely together. As laser cut designs can be easily scaled up and down with CAD, it’s easy to imagine creating a similar Christmas forest scene.

Flatpack Fun


As flat-packs go, this one is rather gorgeous. In fact, each part could make a beautiful Christmas decoration in its own right. We love the stackable simplicity of this tree, especially as its parts could be sent as an alternative to a Christmas card.

All of these trees are great examples of the way that 2 axis laser cutting can be used to create stunning 3D decorations. At Subcon, we use CAD to help layout patterns like these trees in order to minimise the waste produced. So, whether you want to use a classic cardboard or MDF, or choose an alternative like aluminium or stainless steel, we can cut the perfect tree for you. 

If you’re looking for ways to shake up the festive period, try a laser cut Christmas tree and enjoy something a little different this season.