We all know that laser cutting is great for manufacturing large-scale, complicated industrial processes. If you want to learn more about this kind of thing, you can visit our excellent Sectors page – it’ll tell you everything you need to know.

But what else can laser cutting do that no other method can?

In addition to processing large scale sheet metal, laser cutting is also responsible for creating some of the most unique and striking designs across the world. From bespoke business cards, to edible treats, there are no limits to what this incredible technology can achieve.

This is something we want to celebrate. So, with this in mind, we’ve come up with our own list of 9 things that can only be produced using laser cutting processes.

Hopefully you’ll encounter one or two surprises.

Tiny architecture books

image1Architects are one of the most frequent users of laser technology, but here is something entirely different.

This 454-page book is a 2.2cm replica of a house located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Every page is a wonderful visual insight into how the home will eventually look – from its windows to the bedroom.

We love this use of laser cutting, and we hope that more architects and designers will use this medium in the future to display their artistic creations.

Majestic vinyl clocks

image2Laser cutting is a favourite for creating bespoke and innovative design – and this vinyl clock is no different.

Although vinyl collecting is coming back into fashion, there are still millions of unloved records sitting on dusty shelves. So this designer decided to do something extraordinary.

Using a simple clock mechanism, and laser cutting technology, this old record was reinvented again with a simple forrest-inspired design.

This is a fantastic demonstration that laser cutting can also be used to breath new life into old objects – helping to reuse and recycle whenever necessary.

Cardboard Chess

image3It might be a game for kings, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have your own beautiful chessboard too.

Utilising the latest in laser cutting processes, this sustainable chessboard has been created by using one sheet of plywood – making it a remarkably eco-friendly alternative to traditional, wood-heavy pieces.

Our guess is that it took minutes to manufacture – thanks to the benefits of using Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Elaborate bookmarks

image4Wood is a material that reacts surprisingly well to laser cutting technology.

In this example, lasers have been used to complete an extremely intricate task. These bookmarks are extremely delicate, meaning that they require absolute precision.

We think this is a fantastic example of what laser technology can achieve.

One of a kind wedding invitations

image5The wedding invite industry is booming – and from the perspective of brides and grooms, there is nothing better than having your own invite that stands out from the rest.

In this example, lasers have been used to treat even the most delicate paper materials.

We think this is a great design.

Beautiful interior decor

image6So far, we’ve looked at how laser technology can complete some of the smallest and most intricate creative processes.

But what about large-scale projects?

This stunning sliding door is a perfect example of how laser cutting technology can be used to transform a simple domestic space.

By using the most of natural light, this dramatic geometric design is a wonderful example of the versatility of lasers.

It also helps to demonstrate that laser cutting is quickly become an accessible process across the world – producing quick results at an affordable price.

Striking office design

image7In addition to elevating a domestic space, laser cutting can also be an excellent option for businesses that require distinctive brand design.

This striking door feature was created by Mathieu Lehanneur for Le Laboratoire, Paris. Drawing upon strong linear influences, combined with a graphic text element, this is another example of what laser technology can achieve.

There’s no doubt in our mind that only lasers could reach this level of precision and clarity.

Striking business cards

image8If you’re attending an important networking event, you’ll probably need a great business card to stand out from the competition.

And one of the best ways to do this is by using laser cutting.

The card might not include all your contact details – but you can guarantee that it will never go unnoticed. Plus, how much information does your prospect or business partner actually need?

We love this business card design. But without laser cutting technology, it would be practically impossible to replicate such a high quality finish.

Crazy sushi nori

image9We’ve mentioned this story before – but it definitely deserves a feature again.

Created by Umino Seaweed Shop, in Japan, this phenomenal PR stunt quickly demonstrated that sushi didn’t just have to taste good. It could look incredible too.

Working from extremely delicate material, laser cutting has succeeded in transforming something ordinary into a one-off, dramatic design.

We don’t know about you, but we certainly wouldn’t fancy having a go of doing this by hand.

The future of laser cutting

Year on year, the boundaries of what can be achieved by laser cutting continue to expand.

As you can see from this blog, laser cutting has thousands of applications. With increasing levels of intricacy, it’s now the case that some products can only be created using this incredible cutting process.

So what does that mean for industries that depend on laser cutting?

Well, we like to think the results speak for themselves.

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All images courtesy of Pinterest.