This week, on Thursday May 12th, we will be attending the Made in the Midlands Manufacturing Exhibition to showcase our company alongside around 150 other exhibitors. Made in the Midlands is a network of top quality manufacturers all based in and around the Midlands and Subcon Laser are a gold member.

The MIM Expo is about bringing businesses from a variety of manufacturing and engineering backgrounds together to share ideas and information about their particular niche in the market.

With an expected 2000 visitors, we are looking forward to a busy day telling everyone all about our laser cutting services, especially our amazing 2 and 5 axis laser cutters.

Made in the Midlands Exhibition

Proud to be Made in the Midlands

You might think of the Midlands as the anonymous patch of land between the north and the south; a series of roads that get tangled up in Spaghetti Junction; no more than a way through.

But to us, the Midlands are the perfect place to settle down and get laser cutting.

The Midlands were once known as the Workshop of the World with a plethora of manufacturing industries all congregating in the area.

Part of their reason for settling here was the landscape which has provided the raw materials for all sorts of industry for generations.

Though the manufacturing landscape has changed over the years, there are still plenty of well-known brands creating and building in the region, from Tyrells to tanks and sauces to Subcon, the Midlands is the place to be.

At Subcon, we like to be in the middle of things as we provide services to many industries including automotive, exhibition pieces, agricultural and much more.  

And with our ever-increasing client base, it has become important to our business model to be so centrally located in England.

Spaghetti Juntion

Imaginative People

Probably the most famous midlander would be the Bard of Avon, usually known as William Shakespeare. Though he was expected to follow his father into the family business as a glover, Shakespeare’s passion was always his writing. His plays have resonated down the ages and the stories he told are still being performed and modernised to this day.

Shakespeare’s plays are not the only interesting thing though as the playwright’s company also built the Globe Theatre in order to continue performing when theatre was banned inside central London.

His determination to perform his plays and continue to write is inspiring. And even though our vocation is completely different, we are also ambitious when it comes to developing our own expertise and services.

Midlanders are known for their entrepreneurial spirit. After all this is where Cadbury invented chocolate bars and the first british petrol car was driven through Birmingham in 1896.

We like to think that with the range of products manufactured in the region we can turn our hands to anything.

At Subcon, we believe in our staff and don’t think we could have found a better team anywhere else. They are our biggest asset and we want to support them with our continuous investment programme.

Having worked together for so many years, they really have become experts in laser cutting more and more complex designs.

Perfectly Placed

The region has always been known for its industry, even before the industrial revolution. The Black Country produced the weapons for the Royalist army led by King Charles I as the area was mined for coal and iron ore.

It is the coal that gives the Black Country its name and early descriptions of the area remark on the blackened soil. These descriptions were embellished and fictionalised by Tolkien when he created Mordor which means ‘black land’.

Though there is a lot of negative press about the Midlands, we like to make the most of our central location and cater for customers across the UK.

Our 2 and 5 axis laser divisions are both ideally situated just off junction 3 on the M6. The perfect place for laser cutting in the midlands!

And it’s a well known fact that Birmingham has more canals than Venice!

Birmingham Canal

The Made in the Midlands Expo

The MIM Expo, as it is fondly known, is an opportunity for Midlands manufacturers to come together, network and bring new ideas to the table.

This means that we at Subcon Laser will set up our stall next to the brightest and best of the midlands manufacturing and engineering services to network and continue to share our own expertise and experience.

At Subcon, we are particularly invested in making new connections in the engineering and manufacturing sectors as we already provide our services to many industries.

Though our main service is, as you might well guess, laser cutting, we also provide a number of other services.

Apart from our 2 and 5 axis laser cutters, we are also able to offer:

– welding and assembly

– machining

– plating

– powder coating

– and much more…

We aim to give a rounded service to our clients. This means that whatever your requirements, we feel confident that we can see your project right the way through to a professional finish.

Come and Talk to Us

We will be on stand 33 on Thursday and eager to tell you everything we can about the services we offer.

If you want to know more about laser cutting then come and find us or you can always get in touch with us through our website.