There are a lot of industries that already make use of laser cutting services. These include the likes of automobile, engineering, medical and much more – but what other industries could make most of this practice that don’t already?

If you’d like to find out more then make sure you read on. You never know, your sector could be listed here too!

Automatic laser cutting machine

Fashion industry

One industry that has dabbled with laser cutting but never really committed is the fashion world. If you ever see a garment with intricate cut-out patterns, then this may have been created by using lasers.

They tend to mostly be featured on high fashion pieces on the runways of the world, but they also sometimes stray into the world of the high street.

Laser cutting has a way of creating such detailed design at an incredibly fast rate, so it’s perhaps surprising that not many designers make most of it thus far. however, this could soon change. So why don’t you get head of the trend and start working with lasers if you yourself are in the fashion sector?

Who knows what magnificent pieces you could end up creating!

Craft industry

Sticking with the creative industries, another that benefits from some incredibly exciting laser cutting ideas is the arts and crafts sector. You only need to go across to creative website Etsy to see what the world are creating with their laser cutters.

You’ll find everything including beautiful intricate wedding invites and much, much more. If you really want to try something different with invites in the future, then consider laser cutting for some amazing results.

Laser cutter in use

Jewellery and accessories

We flick back to the world of wearable items for the next industry, and another that can benefit from laser cutting is the world of jewellery and accessories.

Again, Etsy has some amazing examples of this in the form of intricately designed earrings, necklaces and much more. But laser cutting really allows you to create accessories that do more than stand out – they shout style right from your very wrist!

The next time you fancy some creative wear that’s unique, it’s really worth seeing what you can find in terms of laser cut jewellery.

Art sector

As well as being used to laser cut the likes of invites during arts and crafts, laser cutting can also be used to create amazing sculptures.

The precise way in which the laser cuts is undoubtedly one of the biggest pulls of this, and you can take this further and use our 5 axis and go as far as creating 3d sculptures too.

If you’re hoping to take your artwork to the next level then laser cutting really could be exactly what you need!

Why choose laser cutting?

So now you have a better idea of what industries can benefit from laser cutting, perhaps you’re wondering why so many already are.

Laser cutting is an incredibly quick procedure that allows you to have access to anything you want cutting at a quick pace. This usually beats the pace of other cutting methods, and this is one of the reasons why it’s so popular with the masses.

The speed can be contributed to the fact that laser cutting uses some incredibly useful software known as CAD. This stand for computer aided design, and this allows for laser cutting to operate around the clock. As long as the correct measurements are in place the computer and laser will work together and cut out whatever you require with ease.

Because of the Computer Aided Design used, laser cutting is also highly accurate. The software takes care and cuts whatever it is programmed to do, so you can be sure you’ll have access to accurate products, fast.

As well as this, laser cutting is known for the fact is has a reduced risk of tarnishing as opposed to other cutting methods. If you’ve tried others you’ll know that sometimes your materials can come back with marks. However laser cutting minimises the result of this, meaning your material that’s been cut will still be in great condition.

Furthermore, laser cutting also leaves a smoother finish than other cutting methods. This is due to the way that the cutters actually work. Lasers melt the material away that they’re cutting and this leaves for a much smoother edge meaning you get a much higher quality of finish.

Because laser cutting is a faster process than most, you can be sure that you’ll get access to some incredible prices. We offer some of the best you’ll find online in the laser cutting world, so don’t miss out if you want excellent laser cut products and a tempting price to match.

Laser cutting services

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