The process of creating custom laser cutting designs is incredibly complex, but thanks to advancements in our technology it is now better than ever.

Laser cutter template creation

Not only can we create beautiful and elaborate designs, we can also do them in a time that is reflective of the fast-paced world we find ourselves in today.

Custom laser design gives businesses the chance to explore something new with their strategy. At Subcon Laser Cutting, we use our award-winning services to help businesses reach their full potential, and sometimes that involves creating custom designs to suit a variety of purposes.

There are a number of things that custom laser cutting tools can create, including:

-Displays and signs
-Art and sculpture
-Glass engraving
-Fashion and textiles
-Branding and marketing
-Metal engraving
-Architecture and model making

What sectors could benefit from custom laser cutting?

You’d be surprised at how widespread the need for custom laser cutting is in the modern-day business world, with countless industries looking to take advantage of their precise and speedy benefits.

Below are a select few sectors which have benefited from custom laser cutting:


As laser cutting technology becomes more advanced, so do the sectors that benefit from their creations.

The automotive sector has been championing the use of custom laser cutting for years and as a result, vehicles have become safer, stronger and more reliable as previously unthought of.

When laser cutting was first introduced into the automotive industry, it was primarily used for the creation of transmission parts. Today however, the advances in laser cutting technology allows this process to produce the complete body of the vehicle, while it also facilitates for more intricate components that go unseen.

Rail Transport

Introducing laser cutting technology into the rail industry has made it both safer and reliable, with maintenance delays being reduced as a result. Passengers can travel safely thanks to safer train designs and rail amendments, as cutting edge laser technology has provided some of the best rail components across the globe.

Oil & Gas

The need for custom laser technology in the oil and gas sector is imperative as the need for safer parts grows. Custom laser technology is used for a variety of purposes and has been used for applications such as sensors, electrical connectors, scientific instrumentation and more. The reliable designs and rapid turnaround makes laser cutting an essential aspect of this industry.


One of the main benefits of introducing laser cutting technology to the architectural sector is that it enables the architect to get a better idea of their project. The precise and speedy measurements can be used for a scaled-down model using computer designs which can be changed in an instant. From here, the tool can be used to produce larger finished cuts for the building itself.

Ministry of Defence (MOD)

The Ministry of Defence is perhaps one of the most exciting sectors laser cutting equipment is utilised, with the benefits of this technology enabling them to operate at a greater level. Due to the nature of the MOD it is imperative that the equipment they use is of the highest standard and that it can be replaced at a moment’s notice, which is why custom laser designs are in such high demand.


The agricultural industry is incredibly diverse, with various sectors dedicated to jobs such as dairy, crop picking, meat processing and more. Farming is very much a fast-paced job, with customers and clients alike demanding instant results, so it’s important for them to have the very best in cutting-edge technology to make their job easier.

Laser cutting technology has benefited this sector immensely as the need for bigger, more intricate parts has grown. Custom designs can now be produced almost immediately thanks to the speed and precision that laser cutting can provide, while using Computer Aided Design (CAD) allows you to alter and produce parts at the touch of a button.


Laser cutting and construction are two industries that go together hand-in-hand, because of their shared interests of producing strong, durable and unique designs. Working alongside a team of engineers, architects, interior designers, fitters and fabricators we are able to produce highly detailed and custom pieces to use on various sites and more.

No matter how big or small the job is, whether its for signage and panelling or intricate parts and one-off prototypes, we have been able to produce parts that are integral to the development of new constructions.

Using high precision laser cutting techniques, we can create any number of designs that are both highly durable and precise, making them extremely safe and reliable.

Here at Subcon Laser Cutting we understand that hard work and dedication are essential towards providing a high quality service. As one of the UK’s leading experts in laser cutting we strive to ensure that every project we commission is completed in a timely and professional manner.

As our technology grows, so too do the clients we work with and the sectors they are based in. Our aim is to introduce laser cutting to industries of all types, to show them just how brilliant this method is for achieving fantastic, high-finish results.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our services, or you’re keen to get a better understanding of the laser cutting industry, get in touch with us today on  024 7664 2221. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.