Laser cutting technology is helping transform the world one sector at a time, with the textile industry being the next big area to fall under the spotlight.

Laser cutting is making a huge impact on a number of textile-based companies, with the process becoming relevant to a large cross-section of apparel, accessories, footwear and home furnishing manufacturers.

So much so that we are now seeing laser cut clothing and jewellery making the rounds on the runway alongside more ‘traditional’ designs.

Should we be surprised by this news however?

fashionable laser cut clothing

Laser cutting technology is here to stay

A plethora of custom laser designs have emerged in recent times, as fashion moguls are seeing the benefits that the technology presents.

In the past, laser cutting was reserved for only the most haute couture designs. But as consumers have started to sit up and take notice of their results, more mainstream brands are looking to follow suit.

There are plenty of reasons as to why laser cut designs have taken off in such a big way, with some common examples being:

Extreme accuracy – laser cutting has made it possible to produce designs that may have been deemed too difficult in the past. Their highly precise cuts have made it possible to produce seemingly intricate and irreproducible designs.

Quick production – one such reason why it has become so prominent is because of the quick turnaround time in which the designs can be created. Designers can reduce the overall time working on an outfit due to the fact that a laser cutter can produce highly-precise cuts to shape a design in moments.

A large choice of materials – another huge plus for using laser cutting technology is the large amount of materials it can work with. Archetypal fabrics such as georgettes, rayon and polyblends can be manipulated, as well as unconventional choices such as denims and suedes, plus many more.

Various applications – this technique encompassess a broad variety of uses, with manufacturers being able to produce anything from high fashion chic to kids’ wear and even high-performance activewear.

embracing laser cutting technology

So where else is laser cutting having an impact?

As we look to move on from our past creations and embrace newer technologies, we open up a world of new ideas in which we can prosper.

Believe it or not there are many prevalent laser cut designs in circulation today, although you can be forgiven for not hearing of any of them!

The practical effects of laser cutting technology have taken on a whole new format, as businesses are discovering the benefits that they introduce to their jobs.

Everything from fashion and food to automotive and agriculture has been impacted by laser cutting, as the technology has become so advanced that it is helping them create ideas that weren’t possible beforehand.

laser cutting machine

How can Subcon Laser help?

Here at Subcon Laser we offer a comprehensive range of laser cutting services and facilities to support a vast array of industries. Over the years we have worked with people from blue chip enterprises to people in the arts, as our unique service has helped elevate their status in the fast-paced 21st Century.

Because we see ourselves as trendsetters in the laser cutting industry, we look to embrace all forms of technology to help both ourselves and our customers.  Using our vast levels of skill and experience we can help your company grow, while ensuring that every job is completed in a timely and professional manner.

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