The humble laser is an incredibly versatile tool.

Since 1960 when the first laser was built, it has become a technology that has been utilised in a variety of industries.

From ice cutting laser ships to cosmetic surgery and medical developments – lasers have have helped transform these sectors and taken both their average performance and efficiency to new levels.

Considering lasers are formed by animated electrons from atoms such as various gasses absorbing other local energies, you’d be surprised just what lasers have contributed to in in the modern era.

1. Ice Cutting Laser Ships
One of the potential problems a lot of ships face on the colder oceans of the world are icebergs, and recently, Russia have come up with a way to help prevent this.

Ice cutting laser ships help to effectively slice through icebergs, clearing the way for both ships and their cargo to progress to some of the colder parts of the planet.

To find out more about the technology that has been developed, take a look at the article available on the RT news website here.

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2. Laser Cutting
As an industry we specialise in, we really can’t stress how lasers have revolutionised the cutting industry. Providing highly accurate cuts that are quick, efficient and also come with fantastic finishes – laser cutting is a brilliant way to cut a variety of materials.

Whether you’re wanting to laser cut huge slabs of metal, or perhaps you want to laser cut a pattern into a dress or shoe – laser cutting is a process that can be used to do the necessary, as well as the creative.

Laser cutting has also opened the doors to 3D printers too, which are only rising in popularity this year.

3. Laser Heat Treatment
Lasers can also be used to strengthen certain materials. The idea is that you apply the laser to the surface, quickly heat it, and then let it cool down.

Upon cooling, the surface will be harder, more durable and the life span may generally be increased.

As lasers can be targeted, you can opt to have a whole surface hardened or, if you choose, just specific parts – again making this such a versatile process.

4. Satellite Laser Ranging
It’s no surprise that NASA have also decided to take advantage of the creative solutions that lasers can provide, and they have been using satellite laser ranging to explore space for the past 50 years.

Lasers allow them to effectively track things that they send out to space, and it’s favoured so greatly because lasers are incredibly accurate.

When monitoring things in our atmosphere, accuracy is incredibly important, and lasers provide the opportunity for NASA to operate effectively and keep track of various satellites that are floating in our atmosphere.

5. Cosmetic Surgery
Back on planet Earth, lasers are also used in a variety of cosmetic surgeries.

Lasers can be used in processes such as the removal of wrinkles, to treat scars caused by acne, and they can even be used as a treatment method for certain skin cancer types if they are caught at an early enough stage.

You may also have heard of laser hair removal, which again shows another excellent way that the technology is being made use of in the current medical industry.

Another popular way of using lasers in medical situations can be found in the form of laser eye surgery. Helping to repair the eyesight of those who need glasses, laser eye surgery has revolutionised the lives of many people.

6. Lasers in Movies
We can’t put together a blog about how lasers are used without taking a moment to discuss the influence they’ve had on films.

From the likes of James Bond through to Star Wars, lasers have become a common part of our movie going screens and have helped to create some of the most iconic cinema footage to date.

You only need to cast your mind back to the iconic laser scene in James Bond’s Goldfinger to really appreciate how big of an influence they’ve had. Will Bond escape as the laser works it’s way up the table, ready to slice our hero in half?

We won’t spoil it for you, but we think you probably already know the answer!

If you don’t, have a look at the scene here!

7. Laser Art
As well as getting creative with lasers in movies, lasers are also frequently used to create art.

Whether it’s a laser art show, or the lasers are used to help create sculptures, lasers really have allowed artists to provide an accurate cut to their projects and added a new edge to the art world for creative and art indulgers alike.

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