Despite all the hype surrounding the 3D printer and the possibilities it might one day create, we mustn’t forget the amazing designs that laser cutting has given us.

The laser cutter is a fairly common tool used throughout many industries, but while there are those who focus on its practical day-to-day uses, they often forget how fun they can actually be.

For one thing, they’ve been used to create some truly unique designs. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and these laser cutting ideas prove just that.

unique laser cutting ideas

The best unique laser cut designs

Laser cut record

Vinyl is still alive and kicking. If you don’t believe us, walk into the next trendy bar you see and claim otherwise – you have been warned.

Soon you’ll realise that It’s not just the hipster gift of choice anymore, as more and more of us are starting to see just how better off we are listening to records.

This amazing project by Adam Ghassaei works by converting audio files into vector graphics, which are then etched into wood. Although the sound isn’t as clear, it’s still a pretty amazing feature nonetheless.


Laser cut leather jacket

Not since the days of Fonzie has there been such an impressive leather jacket. Times have changed since Happy Days aired however, with fashion taking on a completely different form altogether.

This leather jacket was designed by the very talented Elvira ‘t Hart, who came up with the very imaginative method of laser cutting her clothing to match her sketching style.


Laser cut pie

Yes, you read that correctly. Believe it or not this is an actual thing, which someone has taken the time and effort to create. Obviously you don’t need actual laser machines to bake this, but where’s the fun in that?

The instructions are fairly simple, too. A few hundred grams of plain flour, a pinch of salt, A LASER CUTTER, 1 egg and the juice of 1 lemon.

Pretty straightforward if you ask us…


Laser cut camera

This fully functional design is exactly what laser cutting is all about. A simple pinhole camera but with the added twist of having a film winder, two shutter modes and the ability to use everyday film.

Aside from a few small mechanical components and the lense, everything else is laser cut right down to the very last detail.


A peanut butter and jelly sandwich

This is probably the most advanced sandwich you’re ever going to see. Compiled of four different layers, each designed for maximum taste effect, it was the idea of Dr. Thomas Modeen who wanted to create the perfect food experience.

Each slice is divided into twelve individual and easily manageable pieces, all of which are numbered and matched with equal quantities of both peanut butter and jelly (that’s jam to us UK folks).

The end result is an engineering and culinary masterpiece that takes laser cutting to a whole new level.

Laser cut peanut butter sandwich

Advantages of metal laser cutting

Modern technology is incredible. Who would have thought that just a few short years ago we would be making a sandwich with a laser? Forget about their uses in medicine and architecture, this is where the money’s at.

On a serious note, lasers have been responsible for some truly groundbreaking creations. It’s their proficiency in metal laser cutting where they have truly exceeded however, as they have changed the way we approach engineering forever.

But why though?

Well for starters, laser cutting has numerous advantages over other common fabricating processes. Turnaround time is one such reason why it is so widespread, as a job can be completed in next to no time depending on the build.


Here are just a few reasons why metal laser cutting has so many advantages:

– Precise cutting with extremely fine contours and little-to-no inner edges

– Clean cut edges without any burr or dust formation

– The ability to cut various materials and sizes, regardless of how dense they are

– High level of precision and positional accuracy

– Low thermal influence

– No protective cover necessary

– Suitability for both pre-production samples and production batches

– Improved quality and durability.

metal laser cutting machine

If you would like to take advantage of laser cutting’s many benefits, then why not let the team here at Subcon Laser help you? As one of the UK’s leading experts in laser cutting we can help develop your company with our advanced designs, while we ensure that every job is completed in a timely and professional manner.

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