At Subcon Laser, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and in July we were so efficient our production was at record breaking levels!

Therefore, to meet demand for our award-winning laser cutting services we are planning to make a few new investments to enable us to continue to provide the highest quality service to all our clients and to keep us at the forefront of a highly competitive industry.

Key to Subcon’s success are its staff and with an ever increasing order book comes the need for job creation. We have recently taken on two new warehouse staff and have just introduced two new trainee laser machine operators into our state of the art manufacturing facility. We will also be making a further 4 roles available shortly so keep an eye on our website for further details!

Manufacturing Excellence Winners CTBA 2016

Our team winning the Manufacturing Excellence Award at CTBA 2016

But we aren’t just investing in staff, we are also in the process of ordering a brand new 2D laser cutting system. This model will be the latest generation, bringing the quality and efficiency of our cutting ever higher. Not to mention that having this laser system will increase the amount we can produce significantly in order to keep up with demand.

As Subcon progresses and expands, it is natural that we will have to start looking for additional premises in the near future. While we haven’t made any firm decisions just yet, we are conscious that as our business grows in every respect, our current location won’t sustain the kind of activity we are pursuing.

We have recently taken on three prestigious clients, each with a unique complex design requiring specific processing in order to get the exacting detail our clients have come to expect from us. We are proud to be working with such clients and can’t wait to be able to share our involvement with their projects on our own website. Stay tuned for the full details to be released soon!

And speaking of our website – as though July hadn’t been busy enough! – we have commissioned a new website from our marketing partners Huddled Media. They are currently working on a brand new design and will be constructing the site very soon. Our new site will make it easier for you to see all the services we offer, get a quote and keep up with all our latest news.

So, all we can say now is roll on August!