Just when we thought that drum machines couldn’t get better, Russian artist Vtol has gone a step further and created his laser-powered art installation, Divider. And as we all know, lasers make everything cooler.

How Does It Work?

Divider is made up of 7 lasers and 42 small fans. It creates sound using the fans as modulators that cut through the laser light. When the light hits the light sensors on the fan it turns into a rhythmic impulse that is transformed into a noise.

The computer uses Pure Data language to programme 4 Arduino controllers and runs autonomously to create surprising and compelling riffs. The sounds are fabulously retro with the classic blips and pops that analog drum machines make.

Sound and Vision

But it’s when this machine is viewed in the dark that the laser’s power really starts to show off. The combination of flashing red lasers and the resulting drum noises gives the sense of the computer trying to communicate with us. Have a look at the video and you’ll see what we mean…

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