It used to be that a laser cutting machine was simply used for cutting various pieces of different material. This has quickly changed, with various art pieces being displayed in exhibition halls that have all been laser cut. There has quickly been an artistic revolution and beautiful pieces are being created on a more regular basis. Laser cutting has become a preferable way of creating art pieces that can be appreciated by anyone. It’s an amazing way of cutting a specific design with a variety of materials. As laser cutting utilises computer aided design, there is very little room for error, even with the most unique designs that are on the market. Considering the way that the laser cutting process can be changed and adapted, it is definitely easy to see why so many people are choosing to use this art form. You are able to vaporize, burn or melt a wide range of materials. Using a variety of these cutting processes can easily create a unique design which has never been seen before. One of the best things about laser cutting is just how accurate it is. You’re able to achieve even the finest level of detail on the majority of materials, and you can often find that different materials can create unique effects after being laser cut. It truly is a great way to create amazing designs that many people can admire. Laser cut fashion In recent times, laser cutting different fabrics have become incredibly popular. It has become so popular, in fact, that certain fashion shows only showcase the latest in laser cut clothing. The actual phrase, “Laser Cut”, has become a popular word within the fashion industry. The merging of laser cutting and fashion has created some of the most unique pieces of clothing you could ever imagine. This is one of the main reasons the laser cutting process has become so widespread. It’s a popular alternative to the standard hand crafting method, as there is a much wider room for human error that isn’t found with laser cutting. The actual laser refines the surface of a specific material, which helps to increase the quality of the specific material. With laser cutting, it’s possible to create a haptic effect, which is something that cannot be down with a fashion printer. Some fabrics are incredibly sensitive compared to others, which is why laser cutting is generally a preferable option. As there is no mechanical contact with the fabric at all, there’s no chance that there will be any mechanical damage. As there is no pressure on the actual fabric, you can be certain that you’ll end up with the same quality of fabric that you started with. Something that a lot of people don’t realise about laser cutting is how it is one of the only pieces of technology that is able to create an intricate mark or cut. Some designs that people create are made with some of the smallest of details, which can be extremely frustrating to create by hand. There are a variety of different thermal cutting processes that can be used on pieces of fabric, but laser cutting is the only one that has a narrow heat affected zone. When working with a piece of fabric, you aim to make sure that the material isn’t altered other than the design you create. This is why as little heat as possible is required. Laser cutting is also a lot more accommodating than other processes. It’s so easy to create a high number of a specific design that is identical. This process is also fast, meaning that you are able to work towards any looming deadlines, if necessary. Laser cut paper Laser cutting pieces of paper has become popular over recent years. It’s common to go to an art gallery and find a piece of paper art on the wall, or as something available for purchase in a store. A piece of paper that has become a piece of art is often beautiful to look at, which is why it’s used in such a different amount of applications. The process is just as effective with paper as it is with other materials. If you create a piece of art that is extremely detailed and hard to replicate, then laser cutting is the process for you. Through using computer aided design, it’s entirely possible to create an item that’s identical to the first piece. Some people believe that laser cutting isn’t possible for use with paper materials, as it will simply burn through. Even your standard paper is able to withstand laser cutting, although a lot of people prefer to use a thicker material as it will last longer than your standard sheet of paper. The burning and melting effect that laser cutting can create looks amazing on paper, and can really make a design that will catch peoples eye. The burning effect can be adjusted to what is best suited for your piece of work. Some people have made a feather effect through the use of burning, as well as full blown burning effect. The choice is purely up to you. A popular and recent trend that has come about is laser cut wedding invitations. It’s a great way to make a big impression on a wedding day, as the range of design choices are limitless. You can design something that is incredibly detailed, or as simplistic as you want. It’s possible to also use them as wine charms. You’ll see your guests faces look amazed as they see these intricately designed pieces. These can normally be inexpensive, and they definitely add to the ambience of the room. Eric Standley and his amazing laser cut designs One of the most famous names within laser cutting art is without a doubt Eric Standley. He’s an artist, as well a curatory that works and lives in the American state of Virginia. Standley has created a range of laser cut art pieces that are admired by people all over the world. According to Standley, he was inspired by the geometry you see within both Islamic and Gothic architecture. It isn’t a simple process as well. The pieces he creates are assembled from various laser cut paper designs, that are all layered on top of each other. As they are layered on top of each other, it creates a unique 3D piece of art that is unlike anything else. More often than not, a piece created by Standley uses over 100 layers of paper. This can take him numerous months to do the planning and drawing processes. The result that Standley gets is well worth it. His pieces of art are some of the most intricately designed pieces you’ve ever seen. You could look at it from different perspectives and still manage to appreciate it in different ways. To create a piece of art this will catch peoples eyes, Standley chooses to use a wide range of colors that are woven together. The way that they’re woven together is so precise, making a piece of art you can’t believe has been made from human hands. The 12th century architectural and use of contemporary technology is truly a juxtaposition that can be appreciated by anyone. According to Stanley, he has a vision of at least three to seven pieces of paper together at a single time. He then pictures how it will look as he builds onto it even more. It’s easy to see why his laser cut paper drawings have been in over 40 exhibitions in only a couple of years. If you want to check out his full range of works, check out his website here. Scott Campbell and his laser cut money A famous american artist is Scott Campbell. He is the store oper of a tattoo parlour in New York. Tattoo’s aren’t the only thing that he creates for people, as he creates unique pieces of art that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. He has recently started to use laser cutting to create skull and skeleton parts out of money. Yes you read that right, money. One of his more famous pieces is a life sized skull that is completely made out of of one dollar bills. These bills come up to the grand total of $11,000, so it definitely isn’t one of the cheapest pieces of art out there. Campbell creates some of the most amazing designs on a simple stack of dollar bills. The detail that the laser is able to create on the dollar bills is simply awe inspiring, and there is definitely nothing else like it. According to Campbell, the different images of skulls are metaphors that explain how capitalism fits into the contemporary art scene. If you want to see more of his distinct style of work, then check out his full website here. Visual laser cutting art It isn’t just physical pieces of laser cut art that are interesting to look at. A lot of artists are starting to realise how versatile laser cutting can be, so have started taking it to the digital market. This video is a stop motion film which used over 800 frames. Every single frame that is used is unique, even the ones that look similar. This is only possible thanks to the computer aided design that laser cutting uses. It allows a previous piece of laser cut material to be replicated and then slightly change, so that the stop motion effect works. This process took a long time, around about two years, but it was all worth it. The way the woods natural aesthetic complements the different designs the creator makes is something that other stop artists avoid, making this video very unique. You were able to purchase a random frame from this film, although they are no longer available for purchase. One of my personal favourite laser cut wood films is here. It looks so fluid and the stop motion is incredibly smooth, making it a joy to watch. Trust me, you won’t be able to watch it only the once. According to the creator of this video, his aim was to play around with the shape and consistency of the wood, creating a lifelike effect. The video is only 47 seconds long, but it would have taken a long time to produce. The creator utilises all the various methods of laser cutting, making designs that wouldn’t be possible to create from hand. This even includes singing burn marks that is only available through intense heat. One of the best things about this video is how he uses sounds with what he;s actually doing. It’s clear that the noises are artificial, but they are timed so perfectly that they do an amazing job of making you feel what is going on in a particular scene. It’s clear to see just how versatile laser cutting is by simply looking at these different pieces of art. Some of the way these art pieces are formed, you can clearly tell that it wouldn’t be possible with the laser cutting process. More and more people are embracing the use of laser cutting, as there is no way that any other service could provide as good a quality cut, all while being accurate. It eliminates the need for dyes, which is much more economical for the environment. Fast cutting speeds means that a lot of work can be done in a short space of time, all while maintaining a fast turnaround. It’s an accurate process that can cut with even the most intricate of details. As laser cutting can cut through a wide range of materials, you can be sure that it is capable of dealing with all sorts of art pieces. Laser cut art is already popular, and it can only become even more well known from here. What did you think of this blog? Do you think that laser cutting is a good way to create art? Would you add any more laser cut pieces to this list? We’d love to hear what you have to say, so get in contact today, we may just add your idea to the list! Pictures courtesy of Pinterest.