We could spend hours explaining the science behind our lasers – detailing, in minutiae, the key difference between 2 axis and 5 axis laser cutting. But let’s not get too technical. After all, there’s plenty of interesting examples that demonstrate just how accurate this type of technology can be.

This blog will look at some more ‘off the wall’ examples – from the world of fashion to designer sushi – and prove once and for all that laser cutting is one of the most advanced and accurate manufacturing processes in the world.


Eric Standley

If you’re a keen reader of the Subcon Laser blog, then you’ll probably already know about Eric Standley. This Virginia-based artist has spent thousands of hours creating beautiful artistic pieces using only paper and a laser cutter.

The result is a selection of gothic styled art pieces that are so detailed and beautiful that it truly defies belief.

Business Cards

Are you a fan of American Psycho? Then you’ll know that the quest for the perfect business card is no joke.

american-psycho business card

At a networking event, for example, it’s likely you’ll receive a large number of business cards. So how do you ensure your business card stands out from the rest?

Thanks to the intricacy of laser cutting, it’s possible to have a card that conveys exactly the message you want – whether that’s understated design, or something bold and eye-catching.

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design), laser manufacturers can create an array of unique and personalised business cards. This software is perfect for the task – thanks to its ability to create intricate and detailed templates in a short period of time.

Thanks to the high levels of accuracy, CAD makes it possible to design business cards that fully utilise the space without wastage.



The world of fashion never stands still – with certain clothing items going in and out of fashion in the mere blink of an eye. But despite all the odds, one of the most enduring recent trends is laser cut dresses.

laser cut dress

With luxury designers like Karl Lagerfeld paving the way, there has been a steady stream of fashion retailers producing their own laser cut inventions.

High-street giants like ASOS and Topshop have already produced their own range of laser cut clothing – from elaborate dresses, to intricate tops and skirts.

And how has this been possible?

CO2 lasers are able to easily cut natural materials – making it a perfect option for leather and cotton. But the precision of CO2 lasers also means that clothing garments can be altered with remarkable details, such as engraving and welding.

So don’t expect laser cut fashion to go anywhere anytime soon.


Wedding Invites

A wedding is one of the most important events of a couple’s life together. Every aspect of the occasion requires care and attention, and that includes the wedding invitation. Although it may seem like a straightforward decision, the amount of choice is considerable and finding the perfect design isn’t always easy.

However, thanks to advancements in laser cutting technology, it’s possible to create incredibly detailed wedding invitations. Rather than relying on mass produced stationary, laser cutting can produce unique and personalised invites that distinguishes a couple.

It’s possible to choose from an endless selection of designs – from simple love hearts, to beautifully ornate hand-cut designs.

Laser cut wedding invitation


Business Murals

Murals are often as unique as they are engaging – and they are quickly becoming a popular way for companies to stand out from the competition.

They can be instantly eye catching, but this design can sometimes come at the expense of time. This is where laser cutting comes in.

Unlike hand-drawn versions, laser cut murals are much quicker to produce and less prone to human error. Thanks to the versatility of laser cutting machines, it’s possible to work on a variety of materials without sacrificing quality.

As a form of company branding, murals will be instantly effective and communicate with whomever visits your office space.



laser cust sushi

Laser cut sushi?

Okay, you probably think we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole on this one. But bear with us for a second – laser cut sushi is a real thing.

Thanks to the latest in laser technology, designer sushi has taken the world by storm. The idea was first conjured by Umino Seaweed Shop and ad agency I&S BBDO – and the results have been incredible. By using CO2 lasers to cut nori seaweed, I&S BBDO have managed to create beautifully elaborate and stunning sushi designs.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at this amazing photo gallery from design-milk.com.

You might be asking ‘why?’, but there’s actually a very good reason for laser cut seaweed.

The market is so broad people in this industry have been looking for techniques that can make them stand out from the competition.

Umino Seaweed Shop saw a major decline in the consumption of seaweed in Japan, so went to a laser cutting company to create unique designs. Special, thick seaweed was used so that it could easily deal with the heat of a laser machine.

As you can see from the photo gallery, the design involved is staggering. In this case, laser cutting helps to turn a regular dining experience into something extraordinary – utilising its supreme accuracy to create designs that would take hours by hand.


Subcon Laser and Laser Cutting

There you have it – the undeniable truth that laser cutting is as accurate as it is diverse.

From haute couture, to the competitive world of business cards, there are thousands of different ways that laser cutting can transform a simple design into something amazing.

All it takes is a little imagination.

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