One of the most exciting things about working with lasers is that the industry is always changing.

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This means that with every passing month, there’s something new in the laser world to get your motors running, which probably explains why a lot of people enjoy working in this sector.

So what have we already seen develop in 2015 to date? Well, if you’re interested why not take a look below? We’ve gathered some of the best laser developments so far all in one place.

So hold on tight – we’re in for an exciting ride.

1.Touchable 3D Holograms

This might sound like something straight out of Star Wars, but 3D holograms that you can actually touch are now a reality.

They are created by using a certain type of laser known as femtoseconds lasers, and by combining a display of lasers and plasma, these holograms come to life and really are impressive.

This progression really feels like something direct from the future, and we can’t wait to see where the world of touchable 3D holograms goes next.

2. Silicon

The Australian nation is also making progress when it comes to laser technology. They have managed to take the tech and create a new form of silicon. This is achieved by using lasers to create small explosions on silicon that has been covered by a section of silicon dioxide first.

You can read more about this exciting creation over at Tech

3. Liquid Nitrogen & Lasers

Recently, it was discovered that dropping a laser into liquid nitrogen has quite a fun effect on the product and turns the nitrogen into a different colour.

This is all down to the fact that lower temperatures in the nitrogen have a strange effect on the warmer lasers – and this is the result!

If you’d like to see this in action, why not head on over to, where you’ll find a video of this fascinating experiment being carried out.

4. Diagnosing disease

Not only are lasers good for all of the above things, but it has now been found that lasers can actually help to diagnose malaria.

The trial of this was performed at Rice University, and the early stages of the experiment are proving that this function actually works.

The idea is that the laser is shone over a the wrist or earlobe, and this projects more energy into their veins. This isn’t dangerous to humans, but this energy will be absorbed by malaria waste crystals if there are any present, thus helping to diagnose patients who have the disease.

This really is an exciting step in the right direction when it comes to utilising laser technology in the medical sector.

5. Facebook’s Lasers

This may sound like another one of those products straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, but Facebook are also working on bringing lasers into their business.

This was recently announced by Mark Zuckerberg, and he plans to use the lasers to speed up data transmission across the internet – which we think you’ll agree would be a great addition to the online experience.

All that has been released so far are a few photos, so we’d recommend keeping an eye on this one if you think this could be an exciting idea.

6. Calming storms

That’s right, you read that correctly. Scientists are actually taking laser technology further than ever before and are using laser beams to help reduce the impact of lightning.

We all know that storms are dangerous, especially ones that are accompanied by fork lightening, which is why this tech is so important.

It’s currently being developed by Canadian scientists, and the idea is that lasers are used to direct the lightning strikes in whatever direction they like.

This means that lightening can be directed to hit certain places, meaning dangerous weather such as this could be directed towards buildings that can handle it.

This tech could really change the face of storms forever, so keep an eye out for this one in the future.

7. Scarecrows

Using lasers to scare away birds near airports isn’t a new invention, but what is new about this is that now farmers are getting on board with the idea.

Is the humble scarecrow in its final days? Perhaps, because now lasers are scaring unwanted visitors such as birds away from farms. Could this be a new era in farming? We think it could very well be.

8. Laser labels

When it comes to buying fresh fruits and veg from the supermarket, we’re all familiar with the sticky labels attached that brand the product. Whether it’s Granny Smith Apples or something else entirely – labels help us to figure out if we’re buying from our favourite supplier.

However, they could soon be a thing of the past.

Lasers are now being used to label products in supermarkets, and this development is only waiting for EU legislation approval before advancing any further. So prepare to face the fact that you could be saying goodbye to sticky labels on your bananas very soon!

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