A quick Google search would lead us to believe that the name ‘Katia’ is of Russian origin and translates simply as ‘pure’.

We now know of course that it’s actually the name of a badass robotic, laser cutting arm.

Carbon Robotics founders Rosanna Myers and Dan Corkum managed to build the industrial-grade robotic arm from scratch, with many touting it as a game changer in the tech world. What’s better is that you can get your, ahem, hands on one of these for the relatively paltry price of $1,999 (£1389.28).

For those of you who firmly believe that robots will inherit the Earth in the near future, you can sit back and reference this blog as your “I told you so” moment…


What does KATIA actually do then?

KATIA – or, as it’s cheekily known by its creators, the Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arm – is a highly advanced, super flexible and programmable robotic arm which uses interchangeable hands to perform a variety of tasks.

Its unique design makes it one of the most advanced pieces of laser cutting technology in circulation today, as it can perform a number of highly precise tasks. This software is akin to the laser CAD programming, which we have benefited from here at Subcon Laser for a number of years.

Some of the tasks which KATIA can perform, include:

– 3D printing and scanning
– Laser cutting
– Cake decorating

And that’s just the beginning!


Not only is KATIA super easy to use, it can also carry payloads of up to 1 kilogram in weight and move around within a 1 meter radius with sub-millimeter precision. Essentially this means it can perform a A LOT of rudimentary tasks that make it perfect for production line work.

A major focus by the team behind the robotic arm has always been the idea to implement different functions, with it being “infinitely customisable” in nature. The designers have already demonstrated its use in the previously mentioned points and this is only going to grow with the amount of interest it has created..

How new laser machines can improve the industry

In the modern world, technology is all around us. Cars, computers, mobile phones, x-rays and even spacecrafts are all examples of how far we’ve come, while the last 100 years alone has seen civilisation take a humongous step forward.

The increasing rate of technological change in the 20th century makes it difficult to place recent development into perspective. However, the impact of these creations is there for all to see – not least in the laser cutting industry. Laser cutter technology has improved tenfold and they are now able to produce designs with incredible turnaround rates.

embracing laser cutting technology

Subcon Laser will continue to embrace new technology

Here at Subcon Laser we consider ourselves industry leaders when it comes to embracing new technology. We embrace all forms of laser machines to perform a series of precise and complex functions, as we have helped develop numerous companies across various industries.

Some industries which benefit from laser cutting, include:

Oil & Gas
Ministry of Defence (MOD)

As one of the UK’s leading laser cutting experts, we can help your company grow using the latest technology, ensuring that every job is completed in a timely and professional manner for your benefit.

Our core business is to provide our ever increasing customer base with unrivalled reliability and quality orientated laser cutting services, because we aim to be the best. We understand that in modern business there is a need for urgency, but also for quality too. That’s why every design we create is done so with you in mind.

If you would like more information about our services and how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch with today on 024 7664 2221. Alternatively you can fill out our contact form and one of our experts will be in touch.