Increased Automation in the UK Isn’t Synonymous To Fewer Jobs

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For some time now, the increased automation of the UK’s manufacturing industry has been met with divided opinions. In the case of business owners, it is seen as something worth embracing. It promises increased productivity, fewer manufacturing errors and reduced production costs. However, employees seem to be on the losing end of robotic automation. The…

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How the cloud is transforming manufacturing in 2019

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The adoption of the cloud in UK manufacturing firms has traditionally been slow, but that trend is now changing. It is widely expected that cloud penetration in manufacturing will increase substantially over the next 5 years, owing to a range of forces disrupting the manufacturing industry. There are many advantages (and a few disadvantages) to…

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Will 5G have an impact on the UK manufacturing industry?

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5G is here – and it’s a game-changer Fifth-generation mobile internet, or 5G, is just around the corner and it has the potential to be a game-changer. 5G internet will be considerably faster than its predecessor. 4G regularly offers download speeds of 30Mbps (Megabits per second), whereas 5G will be capable of 500Mbps to 1,500Mbps.…

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The impact of STEM on the increasing demand for locally manufactured products

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Science, technology, engineering, and manufacturing, collectively known as STEM, are set to dominate the future of manufacturing. By offering an integrated approach that combines these different subjects through an interdisciplinary lens, and applying this framework to real-world situations, the STEM sector is going to revolutionise manufacturing. Not only does STEM offer significantly increased efficiency and…

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Smart Factories: Revolution of manufacturing in the UK

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Tech and industrial analysts believe that the optimization of the manufacturing process will result in the world’s fourth industrial revolution, dubbed as industry 4.0. Smart factories create a collaborative process in manufacturing, which is key to the revolution. Automation is not a new concept in manufacturing. However, industry 4.0 reaches far beyond just automation of…

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Brexit will improve robotic automation in the UK’s manufacturing industry

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European countries boast the highest level of robot density globally, with there being 106 installed robot units per every 10,000 employees on average. The UK, however, ranks low in robot density with 85 units. This places the UK at the 22nd spot worldwide right behind China, which boasts a density of 97 units, and far…

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What tech solutions are UK manufacturers utilising?

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Manufacturing, as you might expect, is one of the most heavily technological industries in today’s society. With the advent of a new era of industry dawning, what new solutions are UK manufacturers taking advantage of – and what more could be done to take firms even further into the future of industrial development. The aerospace…

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UK manufacturing isn’t all doom and gloom – here are some things to be proud of

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With Brexit taking over the news, we’re constantly being bombarded with information about how Britain is suffering, how our economy is failing, and how our future is looking bleak. It’s so easy to focus on the negatives, especially when they are being shared on the news and through social media. One of the biggest discussions…

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Young people in STEM: setting the spark alight for the next generation

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Despite plentiful campaigning in recent years to encourage more students and young people into STEM studies, there is still a shortage of new recruits in many countries across Europe. Manufacturing and engineering remain vital industries in developed countries and it is crucial that today’s youth understand what a fascinating and enjoyable career they can achieve…

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STEM careers: new opportunities for young people and employers

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The UK has been experiencing a major resurgence in manufacturing, and this growing sector is offering young people a wealth of career opportunities. If you are a young person looking for a career that is interesting, challenging and exciting, then it’s definitely worth looking at STEM careers. However, it is not just young people who…

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The Internet of Things and its impact on UK supply chains

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The buzzword for Industry 4.0 is ‘connectivity’. With the digital transformation, from social media to road networks, research collaborations to manufacturing, integration equals advancement. Replacing or modifying analog technologies so that they can connect to the internet is popularly called the Internet of Things (IoT). However, IoT is often associated with household appliances, which have…

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Manufacturing a sustainable future for the UK

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Sustainability in manufacturing has never been more important. As regulations tighten and public opinion places increasing importance on corporate social responsibility, the manufacturing industry has recognised the urgency of turning to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. And sustainable manufacturing isn’t just about keeping investors, regulators, and customers happy. There are numerous benefits to sustainable manufacturing practices,…

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