Rust Garden Case Study

rust garden 2

Rust Garden Case Study Subcon Laser was approached by Canadian artists Donovan & Siegel to bring a garden of letters to life in Edinburgh. The project, entitled The Rust Garden, was commissioned by Edinburgh Printmakers. GET A QUOTE The Project Edinburgh Printmakers programme operator, Judith Liddle, appointed artists Matt Donovan and Hallie Siegel to draw…

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Rolls Royce Case Study compress image 25

Rolls Royce Case Study Over the years, Subcon Laser has been involved in some intricate and fascinating projects. Some of these projects have been quite simple while others have proven to be a lot more challenging, but none more so than the three-dimensional laser profiling of the Rolls Royce Grille header. GET A QUOTE The…

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Liver Bird Case Study

IMG 0273

Liver Bird Case Study In late 2016 we were approached by an architectural design company, a company who happen to be a regular customer of ours, to be involved in the Liver Bird Project.     GET A QUOTE The Project The sculpture, recently installed in Liverpool Shopping Park, is the biggest Liver Bird sculpture…

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Wishing Tree Case Study

IMG 3722

Wishing Tree Case Study We were approached by Inkymole to provide our laser cutting services for a metal Christmas tree which was to be located in Margam Park for visitors to hang their wishes.     GET A QUOTE The Project The brief of the tree was tricky as it needed to be made of…

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