Since the last recession, I am pleased to say that Subcon Laser has enjoyed a year on year increase in turnover, culminating in incredible growth over the past twelve months.

Our turnover this year has increased when compared to our best ever previous corresponding months by an average of 50%, with one month showing an absolutely astounding 88% increase.

So what has given rise to such an impressive performance?

Never has the competition within the laser industry been so fierce, with a record number of companies offering laser cutting services.

Since our beginning some 30 years ago, Subcon Laser has continually strived to offer its customer base in terms of quality, price and availability, the very best service and products available.

Our strategy of repeatedly investing in the very latest machine and process technology has enabled the company to remain at the forefront of an immensely challenging and ever-changing industry.

However, the question still intrigued me, so I asked our customers as to why they chose Subcon over the countless other companies and their response could be summed up in three words: because we care.

It seems whether or not our customers are new, or have used our services for years, the key ingredient was understanding what the customer required and caring enough to exceed their expectations.

A company can go out and buy the very latest equipment, it can introduce the very latest processes and it can have the most modern systems, but there are still key components missing. I firmly believe the key components to our success is the knowledge, longevity and loyalty of its staff and this is what makes Subcon Laser a cut above the rest.


Tom Mongan, General Manager