Suitable for the cost- and time-efficient manufacture of large quantities of identical parts, Subcon Laser’s state-of-the-art machinery provides our customers with a quality service.

The precision provided by our equipment is second-to-none, achieving high levels of accuracy across all project types and complexities. 

Using computer-aided design and machinery, we’re further able to increase repeatability across batches, minimising scrap and increasing quality and consistency.

Subcon Laser’s 2D laser cutting service is complete by a number of flatbed fibre and CO2 laser machines, including both 2 and 3 axis beds. 

At Subcon Laser, we offer a service that is backed by ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and products that are EN 1090/ UKCA marked, alongside engineering expertise developed over generations. This additional care and attention are what makes our service truly stand out for customers across the nation. 

2D Technologies

We’ve invested in the latest fibre optic laser cutting machines, including Trumpf machinery, for our 2D laser cutting service. Fibre optic laser cutters intensify the beam produced through transmitting it via a fibre optic cable, making this technology more energy efficient than C02 alternatives.

Our machinery is further enhanced through additional functions, such as Nanojoints, CoolLine, EdgeLine Bevel and Active Speed Control. These features enable us to make our 2D laser cutting service highly efficient, expanding the materials we work with and the level at which we work with them.

The experienced Subcon Laser engineering team offers advice on the right technology for your project, ensuring the most efficient and effective route is taken.

Laser cut parts are further thoroughly inspected with a 2D laser scanning equipment, for complete quality control assurance. 

Materials and Tolerances

Subcon Laser works with all types of sheet materials, holding a wide range in-house to ensure material is readily available. 

Fibre technology enables us to work with more metallic materials than ever before, with the ability to work with brass and bronze, amongst others. 

Our flatbed laser is able to cut dimensions of 4000 mm x 2000 mm, with tolerances ranging from +/- 0.5 mm to +/- 0.12 mm, depending on material thickness. Our material thickness capabilities depend on the material type, and can be found on our specific materials pages. However, our most powerful 2D laser cutter allows us to cut thicker materials with ease, ensuring Subcon Laser can take on all customer specifications.

Discover our complete materials list and material specifications.

    Flat Bed Laser Cutting: Industries and Applications

    Subcon Laser’s experience spans a range of industries for the provision of high precision laser cut sheet parts.

    We work with all products and project complexities, from washers and brackets to car bonnet panels and more. This is true for projects at all stages of their development, for the sub contract of laser cutting, taking your project to the next phase with total adherence to project timescales, specification requirements, and industry standards.

    For the complete manufacture of your product, we offer secondary services and finishing.

    Don't take our word for it...

    We have been using Subcon Laser for several years now and can’t recommend them highly enough! They are really helpful and friendly, they deliver on their service promises, and their quality and turnaround times are great.

    Architectural Design Manager

    We couldn't recommend you enough to other customers looking for top quality laser cutting services.

    Richard, General Manager - Production Company

    It gives me great pleasure to be able to be involved in creating a testimonial for Subcon Laser for the outstanding service they have given me over the past 10 years. The main point of contact for me would be Tom Mongan, who is the general manager at the organisation and whom as I understand has been at the company for over 20 years.

    Buyer - Pressing Company

    As one of the longest established laser cutting companies within the UK with a high staff retention ratio, it comes as no surprise that the skill, knowledge and technical ability of their staff is really what sets them apart from their peers. One also has to mention their investment strategy in the very latest laser technology because this also sets them apart from a lot of companies as they are able to compete at every level.

    Director - Large Tier 1 Engineering Company