Yesterday, we held an open day at our headquarters in Nuneaton to celebrate the launch of our brand new machine: the Trumpf 8kw Fiber Laser Cutting System. We were honoured by the number of people who came to celebrate with us and help us to unveil our commemorative plaque in style.


We were particularly pleased that Jonathan Browning a globally recognised figure within the automotive industry, Louise Bennett OBE DL & CEO of the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce & Annette Doyle, Managing Director of Trumpf UK joined us in launching the new machine. As a global organisation, Trumpf is one of the world’s leading companies for machine tools, laser systems and electronics for industrial applications. It goes without saying, that the technology Trumpf is producing is pushing the boundaries of what we can produce all the time.

In order to stay at the forefront of our industry, Subcon Laser have continually invested in the latest laser cutting and inspection technology available. Technology is developing faster and it is of vital important to us, and to our clients, that we stay ahead of the competition and continue to provide an outstanding service.

Subcon were one of the first UK companies to invest in a 5 axis laser cutting system, we were among the first to invest in a twin bed laser and the first to install a new kind of nitrogen generating system. We are now the first company in Europe to invest in a Trumpf 8kw fiber laser with every possible additional extra.

This new machine will allow us to produce components we would never have conceived a few years ago. And it can be operated remotely – that’s how fast this industry is moving!

With each investment, we are bringing our clients more possibilities.

There is no doubt that the latest generation Trumpf 8kw lasers is able to cut material faster and thicker than ever before. Other highlights include the drop and cut feature which reduces material wastage and cooline technology which allows materials to be cooled during cutting, particularly useful when cutting fine details into thicker materials.

Our commitment to invest in the best and very latest technology strengthens our endeavour to be the best in the business. However that endeavour means nothing without the skill and ability of the staff here at Subcon, their knowledge and determination is indeed the company’s main strength. That skill, determination and commitment to investment was recognised a few weeks ago when we won “The Excellence in Manufacturing” award at The Coventry Telegraph Business Awards and were shortlisted for the “Science and Technology” award too.

At Subcon Laser, we are passionate about laser cutting and the last few months have been particularly exciting for us. Not only have we invested in this new machine and won an award, we have also caught the attention of MTDCNC who have been filming on behalf of Trumpf.

As well as high volume parts for the automotive industry we also produce uniquely individual low volume items. Yesterday, we not only showcased 40mm thick laser cut Stainless Steel, but also tiny highly detailed laser cut bicycles in 1mm Brass to demonstrate the versatility and precision that our new machine is capable of.

As engineers, we tend not to be very good at showing off what we can do, therefore yesterday’s ceremony was a great opportunity to present some of the things we have manufactured and our visitors got the opportunity to see all the laser systems in action too.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our attendees and dignitaries, namely Jonathan Browning, Louise Bennett OBE DL, Christopher Greenough and Annette Doyle for joining us yesterday. It’s looking like 2017 is going to be an exciting year for Subcon Laser!