We are fortunate enough to live in a world where lasers are constantly transforming our lives for the better, with laser cut technology impacting everything we do.

Every day we are greeted with new creations that are helping make our daily activities simpler, more effective and highly efficient.

Lasers cutters were invented almost 50 years ago, but in recent times they have become a major component for many industries. It’s this rise in popularity which has brought about the emergence of new laser applications, as there is no limit to the different work that can be carried out.

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7 laser applications we use today

With so many different laser applications in circulation today, it can be hard to believe just how far laser cutting technology has come. Despite this however, there are many sectors which benefit from lasers, including:

1. Medical applications

We really do live in an age of modern marvels, as new technologies are helping shape the world around us. One of the biggest impacts that lasers have had in the real world can be found in the medical sector, as they have been used for a number of purposes, including treating cancers, diagnosing diseases and making highly precise incisions.

That’s the real attraction with these types of lasers. The fact that they can deliver light energy with mathematical precision to almost any area of the body is life-changing. Lasers are improving the accuracy of healthcare and reducing the amount of time spent per patient, making it a much more beneficial operation.

2.Welding and cutting

One of the most common uses of laser cut technology can be found in welding and cutting, as they offer many advantages when compared to mechanical approaches. They allow for the fabrication of intricate structures without compromising on quality, while there highly precise and timely function makes for fast turnaround times – an essential aspect of the industry.

3. Surveying

Helium-neon and semiconductor lasers have become basic components of a field surveyors equipment. The reason being is that they offer an inch-perfect measurement to accurately reconstruct areas, which in turn allows the designs to be created in perfect conditions.

4. Entertainment

Laser shows have become quite popular in recent times, with special effects becoming a major component of live events such as theatre productions and festivals. These types of lasers fall under the ‘Class 1’ category of laser classifications, which are considered safe under all conditions of normal use.

Used in conjunction with a fog machine, a laser display can be truly incredible and can more than set the scene for a music event.

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5. Textiles

Laser cutting technology is transforming the world one sector at a time, with the textile industry being the next big thing to take precedence. Lasers have been used to create clothing, jewelry and other such items in recent times, with major fashion brands adopting the technique.

There are several reasons as to why this may be, including the extreme accuracy and the quick production rate which has helped designers reduce the overall time working on a product.

6. Heat Treatment

Heat treatments for hardening or reinforcing materials isn’t exactly new, but lasers have opened up a world of new possibilities. For example, lasers can provide localised heat treatments to highly detailed machinery such as automobile camshafts – preserving the precision of the build.

7. Barcode scanners

Introducing lasers to the retail industry was a masterstroke, with barcode scanners optimising it like never before. The reason being is that they scan products and store the information on them, meaning that they can help count stock levels as well as track customer habits – an essential aspect of retail.

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Subcon Laser maintains a safe workplace

Since our formation back in 1989, Subcon Laser has become one of the UK’s leading laser cutting specialists. We have a longstanding history of working with a number of laser applications across many industries, including the ones mentioned in this article.

The advancements in laser technology has made it possible for us to produce designs for a variety of purposes, all of which have gone on to improve the way our clients’ businesses operate. It’s because of this that we have been able to work with so many clients over the years who have gone on to become regular customers.

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