Whether you use laser cutting or fabrication services in your business, or if your passion stretches too far that you even take it home with you and carry on there – working with metal can be a rewarding experience.

From making excellent household items through to jewellery and tools, metal fabrication can be a fantastic outlet for both creative and scientific minds.

Laser cut design

But where can you find endless inspiration for this? Well, you just need to head online, of course!

There are a wide range of creative metalwork blogs out there that are brimming with ideas. All you need to do is get a little inspiration and then start working on your own.

So don’t hesitate and take a look if you want to take your creative metalwork to the next level.

Etsy Metal

If you’re creative at all, you’ll be familiar with Etsy. The website is a place for creatives to create whatever they like, and they then set up small online shops to sell their products.

The result is a great space where you’ll find a number of unique products that make great gifts for others (and for yourself)!

This precise blog focuses on the Etsy metalwork aspect of the website. A variety of users feature on there, and you can get a great look at all the fantastic creative metal pieces that are for sale on the website.

They focus heavily on jewellery, and a column down the left hand side of the page lists all users that are registered Etsy metal creators. So if you are hoping to make some fantastic jewellery, be sure to take a look at the Etsy metal website.

Musings in Metal 

There are already so many people out there getting creative with their metalwork, and nowhere is this more evident than on the Musings in Metal blog.

On this website you’ll find an array of fantastic metal creations put together by the blog owner, Tom Sterling. He specialises in creating metal jewellery as well as art knives, and they really are magnificent to look at.

And not only does Sterling create some fantastic pieces, you even have the option to buy some of his latest creations too.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, or would like some inspiration from Musings in Metal’s latest designs, head on over to see what you can find!

British Museum Metalwork

If you’re more interested in vintage metalwork, then you must take a look at the British Museum Metalwork blog.

There’s numerous posts about the very latest and greatest additions to the museum, so let the times of the past inspire you to create something brand new.

You won’t be struggling for information and inspiration when it comes to metalwork at the British Museum. So why don’t you go and see what you can discover in their latest blog posts?

You won’t be disappointed!

Michael Turner

If you’re looking for a creative metalwork blog that will really blow your mind, then you need to head over to Michael Turner’s website. Turner specialises in stainless steel sculptures, and his work is some of the best ever created in this field.

You only need to take a look at his gallery to get a feel of the great things he can create with metal. He is known for carving animals, and they are sure to take your breath away.

Check out his blog if you’re hoping to keep up to date with all his latest art works. We’re sure you really will be inspired his work. We know we certainly are!

Ian Marshall

Ian Marshall is a creative metalworker, and a visit to his website may give you some exciting ideas when it comes to designing your own work of art.

If you explore his gallery, you’ll find a drop down menu with various art subsections. Each one is just as inspiring at the last, and if you’re looking for a way to incorporate fantastic metalwork into your home, then you can’t miss out on this one.

Covell Creative Metalworking

If you would like a bit of training when it comes to working with metal, then Covell Creative Metalworking is ideal for you.

Ron Covell offers workshops to help you refine your skills, but these can be somewhat hard to get to if you don’t live in America! But don’t be put off, Covell has an array of DVDs available, as well as a selection of Youtube videos to really get a taste for what his work is all about.

Excited? You should be. Who knows what you could be creating soon with a little bit of Ron Covell’s help?

Two Friends Metal Sculpture

Our last entry on the list comes from the Two Friends Metal Sculpture website. On here you’ll find an array of exciting metal artwork created by two good friends, Larry Beausoleil and Don Macdonald.

There’s a menu down the left hand side where you can browse through all their latest pieces of art work. So if you do need some inspiration, you can expect to find precisely that on this blog.

On top of this, you can actually contact the duo if you’d like to purchase anything you see for yourself! All you need to do is drop them an email. You’re welcome!


Do you require laser cutting or fabrication services?

None of these works of art could be created without manipulating metal, and two ways of doing this involve laser cutting and fabrication services.

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So if you’re after a cost-effective method for cutting your metals, and want a company that you can trust, Subcon Laser is the ideal place for you.

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