Laser cutting machines have an incredibly versatile process, and there are a number of additional tasks they can do.

One function is engraving, which involves creating a detailed incision on a piece of material without damaging it.

This technique requires state of the art laser cutting technology that is incredibly accurate and a good alternative to more manual processes such as chiselling and other hand operated tools.

Engraving is used by a number of industries for different purposes, ranging from the adding of individual part serial numbers to intricate logo designs. Thankfully, it’s a speedy process which can be done quickly and efficiently; which is popular for industries that have strict deadlines to meet.

Subcon Laser are proud providers of laser cutting and engraving, allowing us to carry out a broad range of jobs. For this reason, we have created this blog that will provide you with the key areas of laser engraving.

The Cutting Process

The process of laser engraving largely revolves around light amplification, and this is done by stimulating the emission of radiation. This light is then amplified by mirrors, before being directed to the specific item that is being worked on. It’s a process that stands out compared to laser marking as there is no transmission of colour.

Although energising the light with mirrors is a fairly simple process, the level of power achieved is considerable. For different cuts, the lasers diameter can be changed by positioning the mirror, possibly making it as small as a pin.

Material Range

Laser engraving is an extremely precise process, and the variety of surfaces it can be used on is extensive. It’s a method that’s widely considered to be an impeccable way of printing promotional gifts. Regardless of how small the area is, a laser machine can be set up to engrave thousands of materials with the same high quality.

One such example would be a promotional pen. Although the working area is only tiny, the laser will accurately do the inputted design without causing any damage. Other methods aren’t anywhere near as accurate, and often having a large margin for error, which explains why laser cutting is so highly valued.

Laser Cutting Tools

For some laser cutting manufacturers, engraving requires specific machines for different materials. This can often be an issue, as they don’t have the tools to do a certain job. Subcon Laser have no such problem due to having the latest in technology.


CAD (also known as Computer Aided Design), is one of the most important aspects of any laser cutting process, especially engraving. This is a system that allows users to input the specific design that needs to be carried out. Once inputted, changes to the design can be made before the engraving begins.

Any design is automatically saved to a database so it’s easy to go back to if you’d like to amend at a later date. Each change in the design is also logged, so at any point during the planning process it can be changed to a previous form.

Other tools used for engraving are normally manually controlled. However, not only is the margin for error much higher if it’s being controlled by hand, but it can also be incredibly repetitive for the person who needs to carry out designs. Laser cutting machines fitted with CAD are able to run on a 24/7 basis, meaning even the biggest of jobs can be easily dealt with in a timely manner.

Freedom Of Design


As mentioned previously, laser engraving is a very versatile process: the amount of designs that be can performed is almost limitless, even some artists choose to use this type of machine on their work, due to how accurate detailed designs can be produced.

With the mark being clean, crisp and permanent, there are a number of situations engraving can be used. A common use is for adding serial numbers to parts. Laser engraving can create a particular shape or design that won’t wear out, something that’s invaluable for functioning tools.

Engraving is also used is for company logos because the amount of designs that can be achieved with laser cutting technology is astounding. The end result is impressive, and is proudly used in a number of areas, ranging from shop signage to office collatoral.


Laser engraving is utilised by many manufacturers because it doesn’t make any physical contact with the material being engraved. This reduces the chance of breakage or wear and tear, making it a cost-effective process for all involved. What’s more, whether it’s the first item to be engraved or the thousandth, the same level of quality will be present in each item.

If this wasn’t appealing enough, the latest models in laser technology come complete with maintenance free systems, meaning there’s no need to replace anything. Being able to cope with demand without excessive down time is a major advantage for both customers and manufacturers.


Regardless of the product, speed in an important aspect of the process. A lot of the time, customers want an accurate process completed in a timely manner, which is why so many businesses have been turning to laser cutting. When engraving, the speed can be anywhere up to 300mm/sec (millimeters engraved per second), even for complicated designs, which is incredibly attractive to customers who want results, fast.

Environmental Effect

The environmental impact of laser technology is something that concerns a lot of businesses, especially now that customers are taking eco-friendliness into consideration when purchasing products. Yet they can be rest assured with this technology, laser engraving is an environmentally conscious process that has no chemical or toxic by-products.

Not only that, but there’s no need for any secondary or post processing jobs after the initial engravement. This saves valuable energy that may be required during other processes.

Laser Engraving And Subcon Laser

Subcon Laser are proud to provide engraving services to a number of different industries, ranging from the automotive to the Ministry Of Defence. By using the latest in laser cutting technology, and providing superior customer service, we ensure every customer has a fantastic laser engraving experience.

If you have any more questions about laser engraving, or any other process that we are able to do, get in contact on 024 7664 2221. Alternatively you can join the conversation on Twitter: @Subcon Laser