Over the years, our blog has become the go-to place for laser news of all kinds. We like to celebrate all things laser – laser cutting, laser engraving, lasers used in experiments, the history of lasers and lasers. If three words could sum up what is written here they would be ‘lasers are awesome’.

So, in this blog post, we are celebrating some of the more off-the-wall creations lasers have helped to bring into this world.

Honestly, you couldn’t make some of them up!

Laser cut city map phone case

Described by some as the ‘perfect way to find your way home after a night of binge drinking’ we suspect that these maps, lacking in road names and landmarks as they are, may actually be better as a novelty phone case. The detail of each map is beautiful, the laser engraving means that some areas are darker, leaving wide main roads pale veins across the wood.

Darth Vader laser cut light

No-one popularised lasers like Darth Vader wielding his lightsaber. It is fitting, therefore, that someone has seen fit to create this laser cut Darth Vader lamp shade. Featuring a sweet flower pattern to allow the light to glow through the helmet, it’s the brightly lit eyes that really stand out here. Perhaps the dark side wasn’t so strong with this one after all…

Cathedral style dumper truck

The title says it all. We like this piece because it is really pushing the capabilities of laser cut design. Not only have they managed to perfectly capture the essential truckness of the truck, they have also added gothic arches, intricately detailed buttresses and rose windows in each wheel. The cathedral/ dumper truck mash-up works well. However unexpected that last sentence may be.

Polar bear bookshelf

Shelving has really come along over the years. IKEA paved the way for intuitive furniture design, bringing flexible living to the forefront of its mission. Now, though, with the help of laser cutting and CAD, flat pack creations are getting a little more interesting.

Enter the polar bear bookcase.

Creating these novelties is made all the easier with laser cutting, especially with CAD/CAM design ensuring the accuracy of the finished product.

So, if you have a great idea for a unique piece, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do!