The world of laser cutting is a unique and extensive one because it’s not confined to one single material. You could be working with wood, metal or even food items. As this type of technology is more readily available than ever before, artists are able to let their imaginations go wild and produce some of the most bizarre items you’ve ever seen.

This blog will focus on some of the strangest items that have been created with a laser cutting machine. You never know, it may inspire you to create your own unique design; with Computer Aided Design anything is possible.

An Advanced Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


Picture courtesy of Pinterest

You didn’t read the title wrong, Dr Thomas Modeen of Qatar has used a laser cutter to create one of the most advanced and complicated peanut butter and jelly sandwich in history. It’s safe to say this is probably one of the most time consuming snacks ever created.

Laser cutting in the food sector isn’t a new process, already numerous businesses in the catering industry use it to decorate food. Dr Modeen has actually taken this one step forward by cutting specially placed pockets that keep the jelly and peanut butter separate until the pieces of bread are put together in order to create the perfect PB and J sandwich experience.

Each slice of the bread is is divided into twelve different bite-sized sections numbered one to twelve. Every time you take a bite into the corresponding section, thanks to the laser cutting, you’ll get a perfect distribution of jelly and peanut butter.

The reason each pocket is misaligned in comparison to each other is so they don’t mix and become too gooey before you take a bite. Different laser cutting settings were used to create various unique cuts across each bread slice. The specific wavy pattern is only shallow, whereas the bite cuts are deeper so each section can easily break off.

Laser Cut Plywood Lamp


If you’re furnishing a room and you want it to be unique in its own way then you’ll love this next item. Barend Hemmes has create a lamp that is in the shape of a giant lightbulb. He used a laser cutter to create the unique design that works efficiently as a lamp.

It can be hung from the ceiling or even laid on its side and the laser cutter has been put on a special setting so the edges have a rustic crip burned edge. This helps the light to project an intriguing waffle-style glow.

Due to the size of the lamp it lights up a room rather well, and it has the added benefit of its humourous size. This is the sort of item you would expect in a bachelor pad that has a unique style.

Laser Cut Jigsaw


Although this jigsaw puzzle looks normal, it has been created by an intricate laser cutting machine. During the processing stage, a generative technique was used so every single puzzle piece is unique. If a number of these types of puzzles were made, no two pieces would be the same.

There’s a lot of potential for puzzles if they are made this way, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do in the future with this technology. Laser cutting can turn any image into a jigsaw, so it’s possible to turn your favorite picture into an interesting yet complicated puzzle.

DIY Laser Cut Camera

Possibly one of the most unique laser cut items in this list, there is now a DIY camera created by laser cutting. It’s an impressive device that allows different lense sizes, interchangeable 120/135 back, bulb, different shutter modes and even a frame counter. Not bad for a DIY project.

All of the parts, including the body, were drawn onto a piece of paper. Thanks to Computer Aided Design these parts were then cut from black acrylic board. Finally, the parts were glued together to create a fully functioning camera.

For more information follow the link here. It may not be for novices, but if you have the time and access to these materials it could be an amazing camera to own.

3D Natural Patterns


A number of different artists have started to take inspiration from nature to create jewellery and other objects that follow this style. By utilising a unique algorithm with a laser cutter computer, the laser is able to follow the pattern of a leaf vein, tree growth, crystal growth and much more.

These items only require a minimum finish, mostly a final spray for protection and certain attachments for jewellery purposes. It’s amazing how unique these designs can be, and it’s interesting how so many of these designs can be found in nature.

Laser Cut Vinyl Record Monsters


One of the most unique items on this list, and definitely the most controversial, are these laser cut vinyl record monsters. Matthew Wettergreen and Andre Hyde use old vinyl records to create 3D monster models. They have over 20 designs, ranging from realistic ants to prehistoric dinosaurs.

Interestingly enough, the money for this project was funded through Kickstarter, a website where users are able to pledge money towards events and items. The duo accidently discovered they could make these models when they were playing around with vinyl and a laser cutter.

Of course using a laser cutting machine isn’t cheap. That’s why they took to Kickstarter with an aim of $500. People liked this idea so much they ended up making $14,749.

Foldable Ukulele

Another unique laser cut item is the foldable ukulele created by artist Brian Chan. What would normally be a complicated instrument to create was made with ease thanks to a laser cutting machine. Multiple flat pieces needed to fit perfectly together rather than it being a simple 3D object.

The instrument has it’s own unique sound and is easily transported thanks to it’s folding capabilities. You also don’t have to sacrifice any traditional ukulele accessories, because it also comes complete with strings and tuners. This instrument may be quirky, but it makes an ideal present for Christmas or a birthday.

$11,000 Laser Cut Money Skull

We covered this item in a previous blog earlier in the year, but we thought it was perfect for this list. Scott Campbell is well known for utilising laser cutting and one dollar bills, and this is possibly his craziest design yet. He has created a 3D skull using one dollar bills, using a total of $11,000.

Every single bill has been laser cut to create this unique, if not slightly unsettling, piece of art. It has an interesting message as it makes a statement about the arbitrary nature of money. That’s up to your own interpretation.

It’s not the first time that Scott Campbell has used money as his artistic inspiration. If you want to see more of his work check out his website, you won’t be disappointed.

Laser Cut Food Promoting


Andrew Stellitano is an innovator who creates branding concepts for clients in a unique way. After running a series of experiments on different foods, Stellitano realised he could make creative designs. There is no limit to his talent and he has even created design on poppadoms and ham.

Ranging from logos cut into seawood, to character shapes put into crackers, there’s so much potential for innovative creations. We could soon start to see full menus consisting of intriguing foods that look as good as they taste.

Space Invader Business Cards


Business cards are normally boring pieces of cardboard that that simply state a persons name, position, company and contact details. Fabio Bortolotti was fed up of this standard design, so through the use of a laser cutter he created unique cards that definitely catch the eye.

Bortolotti selected a phosphorescent material for his card, so that it glows when stored in wallets and purses. This material has been laser cut into the shape of a space invader, making it a card that’s not easily forgotten.

Specially Designed Laser Cut Lanterns


Although they may not seem bizarre, due to the way the lanterns have been designed, they’re a unique item to own. This set of lights have a specialised laser cut pattern which casts the light in a beautiful way. They’re the perfect addition to any room during the autumn and winter seasons.

The Limitless World Of Laser Cutting

By looking at these eleven items, it’s easy to see that laser cutting can create a wealth of innovative items.. Whether it be a musical instrument, a specific food design or something else, there truly are no boundaries. As laser cutting is developed more, the technology becomes more sophisticated, meaning that even more unique items can be created.

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