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Quality and Environmental Laser Cutting

Here at Subcon Laser Cutting, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading UK based subcontract manufacturing service providers. We ensure that we provide our ever increasing customer base with unrivalled reliability and quality laser cutting services. We are a specialist laser cutting company with years of expertise, experience and reliability. We demonstrate this through various key business relationships with various high profile companies. All of our engineers have the skill, ability and knowledge to produce some of the best quality laser cutting services that can be found on the market. One of our primary goals is to ensure that you receive the best quality service, all while being environmentally friendly.

We are adaptable for any of the laser cutting needs that you may require. We do this by offering a comprehensive laser cutting services and facilities for a vast array of industries. It can range from working with the Arts industry, to some of the global chip enterprises. Our services are comprised of 2D Flat Bed laser cutting and 3D laser cutting. Our work can consist of different style projects. We have created tiny construction pieces, extravagantly designed gates, custom emblems and some of the most creative statues you may have ever seen. We are always excited to see what project may be around the corner, and we look forward to seeing custom designs that people may have.

Our customer service is one of the most the most superior that can be found throughout any business. We make sure that every member of staff at Subcon Laser Cutting is committed to providing a service that you can be completely satisfied with. It doesn’t matter what stage a project is at, from initial contact to completion of delivery and order, our team prides itself on only offering the most superior of customer service. This ensures that any quality laser part you have ordered will arrive when you want it, and to the correct specification.

Subcon Laser Cutting was first established in 1988, but quickly became recognised throughout the United Kingdom as one of the leader providers of laser cut products. With over two decades of experience with laser technology, you can be sure that we will provide our award winning Subcon Experience every time.

Quality and inspection

At Subcon Laser Cutting we understand that a customer will only be satisfied with a product that is made to the correct specifications that we have been given. We make sure that we create only the best quality laser cutting designs and products by fully using our inspection facilities. Every single one of our workshops and work stations have some of the most strictly controlled and calibrated measuring equipment for use by our staff of technical engineers.

Here at Subcon Laser Cutting, we make sure that we only produce some of the most reliable and exceptional designs, and we fully recognise that the quality of an item is one of the major parts in determining not only our ongoing success, but also the happiness of our customers.

During some of the key stages throughout the laser cutting and manufacturing process, every single component is passed throughout the strenuous quality control trials. We use only the highest quality of inspection equipment. This includes using a Virtek Laser QC inspection machine together with some of the most advanced electronic and mechanical measuring tools. To make sure that these tools are working to the correct standard, they are all operated by highly qualified engineers and inspectors.

Virtek Laser QC

Virtek’s Laser QC is one of the most popular automated 2D laser inspection machines in the industry. Unlike other, older camera style systems, the laser based Virtek has no moving parts. It simply works through scan after scan, for year after year. It is one of the most efficient 2D measuring systems that is available to use. We use this tool so that our work is made to highest degree of quality and accuracy.

The Virtek Laser QC is great for numerous uses, such as first article inspection, SPC, or reverse engineering. You can easily scan a wide range of items and the Laser will quickly produce its CAD drawing. A CAD drawing is a computer aided design which conveys the information required for a project. It provides information and drawings for materials, processes, dimensions and tolerances that will be required for a project. The laser can also be used for templating, inspection and CNC manufacturing solutions. Rapid inspection the uses lasers measure the accuracy of two dimensional parts, to tolerance within 0.05mm.

CNC machining is a process that uses computers to control machine tools. The process is much more precise than manual machining, and can be repeated in the exact same manner time after time. Because of the high precision that CNC machining makes possible, this process can produce complex shapes that can be almost impossible to achieve with manual machining.

It is an incredibly easy machine to use. Machine operators and quality control staff have noted how much they enjoy using the machine because of its simplicity. All that is required is to place an items on the table and then hit the scan icon. The intuitive user interface allows new operators to quickly and fully become fully proficient with the system.

One of the most useful features of the Virtek Laser QC is that it can produce on demand inspection reports that comply with ISO requirements. It is compatible with dxf, dwg and iges CAD file formats, allowing it to cater for any project that we may undertake.

Because of the Virtek Laser QC being designed for the manufacturing environment, it can identify quality issues quickly. It verifies system calibration before each and every scan, ensuring repeatable accuracy. The way it pinpoints errors immediately on the shop floor, you can reduce scrap and rework and improve profitability.


Here at Subcon Laser Cutting, we can process a wide variety of different materials for you. By using the most accurate of tools, we make sure that we don’t use up any excess waste. All of our materials are environmentally friendly, and we make sure not to waste any of it whatsoever.

Metals such as aluminium and stainless steel can be difficult to cut due to their thermal transfer characteristics. There is often a lot of waste product left over when trying to process these materials, because the tools they use are not efficient enough. Because of the high quality equipment and years of experience we have, we can provide the best laser cutting services on these materials, without any excess waste.

Mild steel is one of the most popular materials we offer. It can be used for a huge variety of uses, such as cars or constructional items. Because of this we make sure that we specialise in the processing of it. Because of the different uses that mild steel may be used for, we make sure that we can produce various thicknesses, in numerous variants. These can range from spring steel, corten, tread plate, galvanised and zinc coated variants.

Plastic is one of the most common materials that is used for almost infinite different purposes. Even though it is such a popular material, a lot of people only cut to specific thicknesses. We pride ourselves on working on any thicknesses, and we ensure that we will cut it as accurately as possible.

Acrylic is a hard material, but it is also brittle. This makes it vulnerable to stress concentrations because of just how sensitive it is. A lot of companies will spend lots of time on this material and will still cause a lot of waste because of inexperience. We use our expertise so that we can work around the material’s sensitivity. Because of how skilled we are, we find it incredibly easy to cut acrylic to various thicknesses, without wasting any unnecessary material.

We also work with various different materials that aren’t as popular as the ones above. If you are interested in a material that isn’t listed, get in contact today and we can tell what we can do. We will make sure that we can leave with complete satisfaction no matter what the material. Other companies may refuse various materials, but we will always make sure we do our best to work with them, to ensure your satisfaction.


Although we provide various services that make sure you are completely satisfied, one of the things we focus on is being economical. By having very high cutting speeds, we make sure to have maximum efficiency.

Laser cutting reduces the need to use dyes. Some dyes have to use a mordant so that the dye bonds with the material. This material can often be incredibly toxic for younger children, so the use of laser cutting can help to make a safer environment.

We make sure that all of our production methods are cost effective, even if it is over large production qualities. By doing this, we make sure that you will receive some of the best value for money that any laser service company can.


To minimize the amount of scrap that raw material produces during cutting, we use a process called Nesting. This software analysis the different shapes that have to be produced at a particular time. It then determines how to lay out these different parts in a way that produces the required quantity of parts, all the while minimizing the amount of raw material wasted.

Nesting eliminates human error. It will take into considerations such as, processes that cannot take place because of the raw material being clamped in place. Only being able to access only half of a material at one particular time, the width of a punch tool if one is required, shearing only specific areas of a material and differentiating the angles a laser can cut at compared to how a punch can.

Nesting software will also take into account material characteristics. The software will be able to recognise if a material has a defect, meaning it needs to be discarded. It will recognise that quality areas may require a different quality level depending on a design. Constraints that may come into play from a printed pattern or from fiber direction can automatically be figured out by the system.

Here at Subcon Laser Cutting, we make sure that we only use the highest quality of materials, all the while maintaining an good environmental output. There are not many other laser cutting companies that can claim to have a green environmental footprint.

It isn’t just laser technologies we provide. At Subcon Laser Cutting we have to the ability to bend and form materials, weld and assemble materials, machining, planting and powder coating, vibratory deburring, drill and tapping, inspection and reverse engineering. For any of your mechanical needs, we should be your number one choice.

If you want to see how Subcon Laser Cutting can provide the ideal solution to your engineering requirements, no matter how big or small, send an enquiry to or you can call our dedicated and experienced sales team on 024 7664 2221. We are also happy to see any plans or ideas you may have, so don’t be afraid to contact us. You can rely on us to spend the time and effort to make sure any project we undertake for you is completed to best quality possible.

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