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Laser Cutting Services

At Subcon Laser Cutting, we are multi award winning laser cutting specialist and we offer a huge range of specialist laser cutting services and have provided many well-satisfied clients with high quality precision cut components. We offer both 2 axis and 3 axis laser cutting services as well as a number of secondary options – our wealth of knowledge and the breadth of our skillsets ensures we have managed to set an impeccably high standard which others try hard – and often struggle – to follow. The four factors that define the continuing success of Subcon Laser Cutting Ltd are:





Our team consists of some of the hardest working and dedicated technical experts in our industry – we can guarantee unparalleled expertise and experience, that is what sets us apart! Subcon Laser has grown significantly since we set out in 1989 – we are extremely proud to have become one of the largest and most successful laser cutting service companies in the United Kingdom. The combined skills, ability and knowledge of our technical engineers means we are able to rapidly reduce your lead times, this results in a much more cost efficient, high quality part.

Below, you will find out in much more detail about the services we can offer you, which includes both our 2 axis and 5 axis cutting services as well as the specialist secondary options that we are well known for across our industry. Don’t worry, as we have tried to keep the technical talk to a minimum, you will not be blinded by science or intricate industrial jargon – this applies for both our website and any communications that you have with the Subcon Laser Cutting team!

2 Axis Laser Cutting

Subcon Laser Cutting Ltd are recognised throughout the United Kingdom as being one of the leading suppliers in 2 dimensional laser cutting as well as laser cut products. We operate our 2 Axis laser cutting systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure we meet the high demand for our operations – our customer base is ever growing, our clients are very expectant due to the quality of the work we continue to manufacture on a consistent basis. We are set up to be able to produce high quality components that are either large or small. Alongside this, our skills and capabilities mean we can provide our expertise for regular or even one off contracts – we are very flexible in our offerings, this makes us an attractive partner for many different customers and their various projects. We can produce anything from prototypes to full scale production runs, and we always look to offer highly personal customer guidance from start to finish.

Advantages of 2 Axis laser cutting


Very high cutting speeds

Eliminates the need to use dies

Waste reduction through efficient nesting

Extremely fast turnaround

Our production methods are cost effective over large production quantities, which also includes prototype production


High accuracy and consistency

Tolerance typically 2.5% of material thickness of 0.025 mm (0.0012)

Cuts with intricate details are very easily achievable


No mechanical force is applied

Minimal material deformation

High quality cut and a better fit / product appearance


Cutting of materials with a wide range of hardnesses

Rapid turnaround of design changes (we are able to incorporate design changes without expensive or slow tool changes)

We have the ability and the capacity to offer our customers with unrivalled quality components – our state of the art 2 Axis laser cutting systems allow us to support your needs every single day of the week. We are a multi-award winning partner for all of your laser cutting requirements, and our state of the art Trumpf CNC laser systems are programmed via our dedicated technical off-line programming department. Our 2 Axis laser cutting systems are supported with our in depth knowledge of CAD/CAM systems, we are then able to provide customer orientated and expert assistance in every single area of our production processes. We aim to ensure that we create minimal material wastage and offer high levels of efficiency and accuracy during our highly technical yet rapid operation. The Subcon Laser Cutting team is geared for all different types of production, our laser cutting is extremely accurate – it doesn’t matter if you require one off production or a full scale production run, our experts will be on hand to create the parts you desire using our highly advanced manufacturing laser cutting machines. Our core business is laser cutting – it is an extremely accurate method of profiling a wide range of materials, including mild and stainless steels, brass and aluminum. We are able to handle sheet and plate metal up to 4000 mm in length, 2000 mm in width and up to 25mm in thickness, we ensure all of profiled components are processed rapidly, cleanly and with minimal amounts of heat distortion. As well as our 2 Axis Laser Cutting, we offer our specialised 5 Axis laser cutting services.

5 Axis Laser Cutting

We do not stop at 2D laser cutting, we run our highly regarded 3D laser cutting operation all day, every day – this means we can provide our world class manufacturing service to every single customer who needs it, whenever they need it. Our 5 Axis division is supported by a state of the art network of offline programming departments, we have a variety of 3D laser cutting machines which are tailored for each individual project we undertake – we have now become a formidable force within the laser cutting industry! Our 5 Axis division has seen continual investment throughout its operation, our unrivalled equipment incorporates the TruLaser Cell Series 7040 which features which high-end laser processing machines – there are minimal processing costs at all stages of our operations, our laser cutting productions are very flexible which means we can respond to any of our customers needs. Our state of the art Trumpf CNC 3D laser systems are specifically programmed by our programming department, they are well versed in the high-tech equipment needed to produce parts for our customers – we continually invest in our equipment, ensuring that we operate with the highest levels of efficiency, accuracy and obtain a high level quality control during the whole production process. The advantages of our 5 Axis laser cutting services over traditional milling or cutting methods include:


High cutting speeds which are 70% faster than milling or drilling

Eliminates the use of dies

Fast turnaround

Cost effective over a large range of production quantities – including prototypes


High accuracy and consistency

Tolerance, which is typically 2.5% of material thickness to minimum of 0.025mm (0.001″)

Cuts with intricate details are easily achievable


No mechanical force is applies which means there is no warping or material contamination

Minimal material deformation

High-quality cut which means a better fit, resulting in an improved product appearance


We are able to undertake the cutting of materials with a wide range of hardnesses

Rapid turnaround of design changes and ability to incorporate design changes cheaply and without slow tooling changes

The Subcon 5 Axis laser trimming service is mainly used to cut pressed components, spinnings and formed tube. The workpiece remains stationary as it is clamped to a fixture or a jig, the extremely sophisticated laser head then moves at very high speeds around the piece – this process makes the necessary cutting of the 3 dimensional formed part. We are an ISO accredited company, this means you can be assured that we are very highly trained and experienced professionals – you can trust us to produce the exact part you need.

Secondary Options

The Subcon service doesn’t just stop at laser cutting, while that is our main service, we also have the ability to provide our customer base with various different secondary service options, such as:

Bending and forming

Bending and forming is the process of modifying the geometry of a sheet of metal without actually removing any material, at Subcon Laser we can shape a variety of different met into complex shapes for any number of different reasons. Our sheet metal bending and forming processes include:


Roll forming


Deep drawing

Stretch forming

Welding and assembly

Our highly skilled team has the capability to translate any request into a bespoke and precision-finished part. We apply our broad range of expertise to create parts that are not only cost effective but are completed in rapid time. We can provide our welding expertise on a wealth of materials including stainless steel, aluminum and steel. Our welding and assembly processes are amongst the best in the United Kingdom, get in contact with us to see what we can offer you!


Machining is any of the various processes which an item of raw material is cut into a final shape by a controlled material-removed process, we have 25 years of experience in Machining – our precise processes is one of our key offerings outside of actual laser cutting. At Subcon’s Nuneaton workshop we have a superb team of machinists who are ready to undertake any different type of machining project.

Plating and powder coating

We have provided our quality-assured plating and powder coating processes to many customers the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. We offer pre-treatment, electroplating, polishing and powdercoating – bringing all your metal finishing needs together to provide a comprehensive service which is matched by no other company.

Vibratory deburring

Our vibratory deburring and polishing machines are amongst the most advanced around, our machines are designed for wet grinding and we have polishing applications. We can easily and effectively provide our vibratory deburring services for any number of different size projects. Like all of our services, our team is highly skilled and is vastly experienced in vibratory deburring – get in touch now to see how we can help you.


We pride ourselves on our inspection facilities and the quality of all the components we produce, all of our workshops and workstations are overseen by our technical engineers. Our workshops are all monitored using strictly calibrated measuring equipment and we are aware that quality has played a huge part in our successes for the past quarter of a century. Both our 2 Axis and 5 Axis laser cutting and manufacturing processes are undertaken with very serious and rigorous quality control – we use advanced electronic and mechanical measuring tools which are operated by our highly qualified technical technicians and inspectors.

Drill and tapping

Get in touch with us at Subcon Laser for more information on our drill and tapping services. To consistently ensure the rapid turnarounds of all our work we always keep an extensive range of materials in stock – this means we can offer the very best lead out times in the industry. The Subcon Laser Cutting team are based in the Midlands, this means we are ideally placed to service clients up and down the United Kingdom. Our multi-discipline facility is located off Junction 3 of the M6, we have provided the ‘Subcon Experience’ for extremely satisfied customers across many different sectors. this means Our 25 years of experience puts us in a strong position – our fundamental knowledge of our services along with our dedicated and skilled staff sets us apart from others in the industry – that is why customers come back to Subcon again and again! We are now looking forward to another 25 years at the forefront of the laser cutting industry, we strive to drive innovations; our staff’s collective expertise really makes us the best choice for you! We have provided specifically produced laser cut parts for these different industries:


Rail transport


Special purpose machines

Yellow goods / construction



Oil and gas

Power generation


Electronics and switchgear

Ministry of defence (MOD)

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation




If you have any questions or require more information about our 2 Axis / 5 Axis or our secondary options – please get in touch with us, either by landline (02476 642 221) or via the contact form on our website. You can now Join in the conversation on twitter (@Subconlaser).

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