Nothing quite says “It’s Christmas!” more so than having your very own Christmas laser light display for all the street to enjoy.

christmas laser light display

Whether it’s the magic in the air or the look of sheer delight on your family’s faces, there’s something special about having a laser light display that signifies it’s finally time to get excited for the festive season.

But why accept mediocrity? You shouldn’t settle like many others would. Instead, make it a Christmas to remember with these basic laser display tips.

Having a custom laser display at Christmas

Lasers are used for everything these days, whether it’s for engraving and cutting materials or for use in the automotive sector. However, it’s their ability to create incredible laser light displays that makes them so popular at Christmas, as those of you decorating your home will be all too familiar.  

It’s pretty interesting to know the kinds of fun displays you can create from something so simple. Christmas lights add a sense of wonder to any space. Whether you’re mixing up the colours or placing them around the house, just remember to let your imagination take over and make the best custom laser display possible.

create a custom light display this christmas

Why not consider these tips?

– Place lights in a glass jar or container

– String them across a wall and attach family photos

– Dangle them throughout the landing

– Hang them around trees in your garden

– Make fun shapes in your windows.


Some basic light hanging tips

So now that we’ve discovered some unique lighting displays, let’s take a look at the basics. It can be a pain trying to figure out what goes where, but this handy guide offers up some great tips on how to hang up your Christmas lights with ease.

Some points mentioned include:

Measure – make sure you measure things such as doors, window frames and any other areas which you want lighting to ensure you have enough cable.

Use of proper lights – it’s important to know the difference between indoor and outdoor lights, as they might not be weatherproof and could cause a hazard.

Use clips – clips make your job so much easier and they are much friendlier to your home than duct tape, nails, screws or staples.

Keep safe – use a sturdy ladder that you can be sure will keep its stability. Even better, you should have someone hold the base of the ladder to keep you from having an injury.

Using a laser light to brighten the mood

Believe it or not, there are plenty of legitimate reasons for you to be using a laser light in your home displays – and we don’t just mean for Christmas either. Other than the fact that they create incredible spectacles, they’re actually proven to have an affect on your mood and even improve it.

Adding a laser light display to your home can help create a relaxing environment. Different colours have this effect too and strategically placing them throughout your home can be to your advantage.

You should use big lights sparingly. Instead use a combination of lamps and fairy lights, as they won’t be as intense and will provide a calming effect. So after a long day they are the perfect remedy to get you properly in the spirit for Christmas.

using a laser light to brighten your mood

If you’re lacking inspiration for your Christmas laser light display then hopefully these tips will give you a better understanding. Better yet, why not consider exploring the other uses for lasers like these custom laser cutting designs for instance?

There are so many incredible ideas out there as a result of laser technology and Christmas lighting is just the beginning. By using the latest technology we are able to create things unlike no one else here at Subcon Laser.

If you have any more questions about laser lighting or you would like to show off your own custom displays, then join the conversation on Twitter: @Subcon Laser.