Laser technology has developed monumentally over recent years.

Now, lasers are used across so many sectors – some of which are not apparently obvious from the surface.

They’re used to create fantastic artwork, as well as cutting materials that are fed on into a variety of other industries such as engineering, catering and much more.

On top of this, lasers are fantastic at bringing action-packed films or television shows to life, and it’s probably unsurprising that this fantastic technology can also be used for health benefits too.

Whether laser tech is being utilized to resurface people’s faces or whiten our teeth, they are revolutionizing the medical industry – and it’s a very exciting time in this sector indeed.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top ways in which lasers are influenced and improving our health.

Laser Skin Treatment

1. Laser eye treatment

One of the most recognised form lasers take in the medical sector is the process of laser eye surgery.

It’s commonly available, and can be used to help correct people’s eyesight so that they no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

This technology has revolutionised a large amount of lives, and there are ways to fix both long sight and short sighted eyesight in patients. There’s even a special treatment for those over 50.

Laser technology has opened up a world of possibilities in this aspect of the medical sector, and we, for one, are impressed with this technology.

2. Laser therapy

Another popular laser treatment is laser therapy.

This procedure is used in a large variety of processes including relieving symptoms of cancer, removing kidney stones, removing part of the prostate and it can also be used to shrink or get rid of tumors, precancerous growths and polyps.

Laser eye treatment is also classed as laser therapy, and it’s evident from this laser process alone just how promising laser technology is when it comes to treating health issues across the board.

3. Photodynamic therapy

This therapy type can be used as a treatment method for some precancerous conditions, and also cancers such as head and neck, lung, gullet, mouth and skin cancers (not including melanoma).

The idea is patients take a drug, and that a light is shone onto their tumor a short while after and this activates the drug to fight the cancer.

It’s truly amazing that lasers are kick-starting drugs into helping cure cancer, we’re sure you’ll agree.

4. Sealing technology

Lasers can also be used to seal wounds.

This is known as laser bonded healing, and it works by applying the heat of lasers to a wound and cauterising it.

There are a wide range of benefits when it comes to healing wounds with lasers instead of traditional stitching methods. Laser healing is a much faster process, and can even cause less scarring. On top of this, it also reduces the chance of infection – which is big progress in wound healing in itself.

5. Cancer treatment

Another major health benefit of lasers in this sector is the treatment of cancer.

In basic terms, the laser light is used to shrink or destroy tumors all together.

This technology works best on cancers close to the surface of the skin, and also ones on the outer side of organs in the body.

The light targets the cancer by being inserted by an opening such as the mouth on a tube. This then allows doctors to get as close to the cancer as possible in order to shine the laser light onto the source of the cancer.

Lasers are incredibly good at this process because they can focus their light in one direction, and because this is a very precise process, the laser is guaranteed to hit the right spot if it is aligned correctly.

The precise nature of lasers are probably what make them so appealing to those in the medical industry looking for a new way of controlling or curing health issues.

6. Laser facial resurfacing

Laser facial resurfacing is another way in which lasers are being used in the health sector.

The process works by getting rid of an outer layer of your skin and is favoured largely for cosmetic purposes.

It’s a process that can be done awake or asleep, and if you are awake you will be under local anesthesia so you don’t feel the effects of the lasers.

This type of treatment is usually used to reduce wrinkles and scarring on the face, and aims to improve the overall condition of your skin.

The procedure usually takes one day and won’t require you to spend the night in the hospital – but it could give your skin a whole new lease of life.

Lasers in the medical sector

Lasers have helped the medical sector invent new ways of fighting diseases and treating ailments. There are a wide variety of processes that lasers can contribute to – and will probably continue to in the future.

It’s exciting to consider the prospect of where lasers could take medical technology within the near future, and we’re filled with hope when it comes to the prospect of what laser cutting could do for the health of the nation. We’re sure you are, too.

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