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Why you should choose laser cutting for your business:

Laser cutting is an incredibly fast and precise technology that allows you to produce any cutting project you require. It’s not only much faster than other cutting methods, but it can also deliver results of such sharp quality that it has become the most popular and versatile cutting technology within multiple industry sectors.

Laser cutting technology has been embraced by many businesses which have found that they can design and cut anything in any material at lightning speed, with an accuracy never experienced before at a fraction of the price.

How can Subcon Laser benefit your business?

Let us guide you through our state-of-the-art services and show you what an amazing difference they can make to your business:

2D laser cutting

2D laser cutting is a fast and exact way of manufacturing identical parts. We use CAD/CAM so we can manufacture the same part unlimited times and our scanner can also quality control the process to exact requirements.

Our competent technicians will collaborate with you throughout the whole process to guarantee your manufacturing needs are met, resulting in the highest product quality. Because the cutting is done following a computerised pattern, even the smallest detail is picked up by the machine and delivered as crisp as the original image.

Feel free to get in touch, and our expert engineers can discuss what best suits your needs. We’re one of the leading suppliers in our field, so we can provide you with top solutions.

2D laser cutting eliminates the need for hard tooling and is a fast, clean, cost-effective way to produce parts of an exceptional standard.

2D laser scanning/inspection and reverse engineering

Our technology and expertise can assist you even if you don’t have a CAD file. All you need is a mock-up of your product, and we can use our laser scanners to create a CAD file for you. The laser will smooth over any uneven lines in order to create a crisp and exact final piece. This service is particularly beneficial to your business as it provides a fast turnaround even if you don’t have a final CAD file to hand.

We also quality control our work with this method. Using the scanner, we check that your part is absolutely exact to your requirements. We do what we call a laser inspection, by scanning the part and measuring it against the original drawing.

Our lasers are so versatile they can cut through a variety of thickness up to 4000mm x 2000mm, so Subcon Laser is the ideal choice to deliver your needs. We can laser cut a huge variety of materials and though we keep a selection of the most popular materials on site in order to speed up your production time, we are happy to source materials we don’t keep for you, or laser cut any materials you provide.

3D laser cutting

At Subcon, we utilise our unique technical knowledge to collaborate with our clients and suggest ways of manufacturing the product in order to save your business money, something that your company can definitely utilise!

3D laser cutting is a subtractive process; the laser cuts the material away from the source in the desired shape using the 3D method. The lasers are so fast and accurate that they can execute the most intricate and precise cuts, quickly and easily. Recently there has been a rise in 3D printing too, however, 3D laser cutting is infinitely cheaper and can be produced faster.

3D laser scanning/inspection and reverse engineering

Much like in the case of the 2D version of this service, we lay the new image on top of the original drawing or CAD image to accurately check for discrepancies before we cut.

Once the cutting has been performed, the laser is used to reverse engineer a panel to create a CAD file. This is then used for any repeat orders.

Our laser-cut parts are produced perfectly first time, thanks to the continuous monitoring of our processing, which allows us to manufacture precise pieces. Not only this but, by storing customer data requirements, we can produce repeat orders in the fastest time with impeccable specifications.

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