Corten Steel Laser Cutting

Cor-Ten is a self-weathering mild steel; it forms a protective surface layer known as patina as it oxidises that acts as a protective scale against corrosion. 

Subcon Laser works with Cor-Ten for steel components requiring enhanced longevity and aesthetics in outdoor applications. We offer a comprehensive service providing laser cutting and secondary operations to achieve full production for all project specifications.

We’re able to cut Cor-Ten steel up to 25.0mm thick, and our machinery is suitable for sheets up to 4000mm x 2000mm, allowing us to take on projects large and small.

Quality is at the core of this service, with Subcon Laser adhering to tight tolerances between +/- 0.12mm to +/- 0.25mm, depending on material thickness. We’re further ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and EN 1090 accredited for peace of mind in the standard of our work. 


The grades of Cor-Ten steel can be categorised into Cor-Ten A and Cor-Ten B

Cor-Ten A utilises cold-rolled steel, whilst Cor-Ten B utilises hot-rolled steel, offering varying properties and characteristics to meet all requirements.

Overall, it is recommended that Cor-Ten is used within architectural applications. It is suitable across all architectural applications, from residential housing to large buildings and power plants. The natural aesthetic appeal of Cor-Ten makes it suitable for visible applications, including artistic structures.

Cor-Ten Properties

Rust develops as the steel is exposed to wet and dry conditions; however, over time this transforms into a patina layer, which has an aesthetic dark brown appearance. This layer can take a year to transform, and several more years to develop fully. 

Patina is self-healing, meaning if the layer was to be penetrated, the patina can recover, continuing to offer protection and making it an extremely low maintenance material option. 

Patina has no effect on the steel’s properties, and is suitable for forming, welding and machining. Subcon Laser offers these services and more within our secondary operations capabilities, ensuring we can provide complete fabricated parts.

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