The Project

The sculpture, recently installed in Liverpool Shopping Park, is the biggest Liver Bird sculpture ever made and stands at 11 metres tall. It was designed by artist Emma Rodgers and was a joint commission by the Derwent Group.

In the past we have been involved in many projects with this architectural design company and we are pleased to say that they are always happy with the work we do for them. So, around July 2017 we were thrilled to begin working with them on the Liver Bird Project, and all programming and cutting was completed that month.




We used our offline programming system TruTops to create the sheet nests for the parts and to generate the programs for our Trumpf CNC laser cutting machine. This was a real time saver because we were supplied with all the CAD DXF files of the parts that were required. As each part was imported into TruTops, all we had to do was scale them up to the correct size.

We sat down with an Architectural Design Manager from the company on a couple of occasions to confirm any changes required on the drawings and quantities required of each part. We had to make sure all drawings were scaled up by the same amount in the CAD system, but we also had a scale model of the Liver Bird built in Meccano that we could refer to, which was helpful.

The parts were cut out of 6, 10 and 15mm mild steel which is straightforward to process on modern lasers.


We were extremely pleased with the results of the project, especially since the parts we normally supply customers are not as big or as heavy as this. We were thrilled to have played a role in the Liver Bird Project with it being such an iconic feature and once the parts were painted, assembled and installed, it looked truly amazing.




It was a great project to work on and it was nice to see the end result as this is something we don’t always see once a project is complete.

Ian Jesson

We have been using Subcon Laser for several years now and can’t recommend them highly enough! They are really helpful and friendly, they deliver on their service promises, and their quality and turnaround times are great.

Architectural Design Manager