With Captain America: Civil War opening over the weekend, we could not be more excited.

You might be looking forward to seeing all your favourite Marvel characters battling it out or the amazing fight scenes, but at Subcon Laser we’re all about – you guessed it – the Iron Man laser glove.

Although our 2D and 3D laser cutting systems are incredible (if we do say so ourselves!), the thought of being able to fire lasers with a twitch of a glove… well, who wouldn’t want to be able to do that?

For years we have dreamed about being able to fire lasers out of our palms and now we have found a solution.

Patrick Priebe is a cyberweapons hobbyist and a big fan of Iron Man. He is also the creator of this amazing dual-laser Iron Man glove.

Cool Iron Man Laser Glove

Image from gizmag.com

How the Iron Man Laser Glove Works

In the films, it seems unlikely that Iron Man’s suit was actually made out of iron, except the prototype he made in the cave. This is because iron is really heavy and likely to corrode with wear.

Prieve has thought this bit through too and made his glove out of aluminium and brass parts that he has been shaped and fitted perfectly for his hand. As you can see in his video, the glove moves naturally so that he can control the actions of the glove by flexing his hand in a particular way.

The natural movement means that the lasers and shell ejector be activated with minimum effort as the buttons controlling them are hidden beneath the glove. The buttons are strategically placed so that flexing the hand in a particular way puts enough pressure on the button to activate it. Pretty cool, eh?

Like Iron Man’s glove, this one also has two lasers, one on the top of the hand and the other in the palm. Prieve has also added the shell ejector from the second Iron Man movie.

Because we don’t actually see what the shell looks like, Prieve has designed his own. His shell is a flat piece of aluminium with a laser cut design to make it look cooler.

Iron man laser suit in action

image from zimbio.com

Balloon Bursting and Laser Engraving

The glove is mainly a prop – a really awesome prop that would go down well at a fancy dress party that is! – but the lasers are not completely aesthetic, they do function to some degree.

The glove has two lasers that serve different functions, a red one on top of the hand and a blue on in the palm.

In the film, Iron Man uses the red laser as an effective weapon in the Drone Fight Scene.  All he has to do is activate the laser and then pirouette, making the laser spin around and cut the surrounding drones – and trees – in half.

As you might expect, Prieve’s glove is not as powerful as Iron Man’s but he’s also not intending to use his DIY Iron Man suit to defeat a group of drones.

The red laser is weaker than the blue laser but it will cause a black balloon to explode if pointed at it for a few seconds.

Here’s how that works:

– The balloons explode because black is a good absorber of radiation, but rubber is a poor conductor so the heat of the laser is very localised.

-The internal air pressure of the balloon is higher than atmospheric air pressure so when the rubber of the balloon is weakened the balloon explodes.

-A red balloon will reflect a red laser, as will a white balloon but you can use a black marker pen to create targets on balloons of any colour. As long as you focus the laser on that spot, the balloon will explode!

Iron Man Laser Glove With a Blue Beam

Image from gizmag.com

The blue laser is much more powerful and Prieve demonstrates its ability to burn patterns into pieces of wood and an orange.

This is really impressive and Prieve demonstrates his ability to draw a number ‘8’ on a piece of wood. Clearly, a bit of practise is required here to guide the laser beam with your palm!

The glove also features the shell ejector and with a flex of his wrist, Prieve can fire his laser cut ‘shell’ out of the glove using carefully placed springs. He can then easily reload the shell and fire again. As he says,he could do this all day. And so could we!

Practise Makes Perfect But CAD is Easier!

Prieve’s glove is undeniably cool and we are all excited by the potential of having an Iron Man laser glove of our own one day. But for now, we can think of a few advantages of our own lasers even Tony Stark himself might consider making use of.

Our lasers use Computer Aided Design (CAD) when cutting materials. This means that the cut is incredibly precise so that intricate specifications can be achieved.

Using CAD, you can pre-programme particular laser movements and then simply let the computer take over to move the laser to your specification.

This also means that, as the design is saved by the computer, it can be repeated over and again with the same high standards as the original cut.

Like Iron Man’s laser, our laser cutters can cut through all sorts of materials as well as engrave patterns with a professional finish you can be sure of every time.

At Subcon Laser, our real life superheroes work with laser cutting machines all day everyday to create designs to your specification.

To find out more about what we can do for you then get in touch and tell us all about your project.