Laser cutting provides us with the opportunity to bring our ideas and designs to life. Of course there are plenty of practical uses for laser cutting like parts for cars or cutting diamonds but sometimes it is the novelty projects that are the most fun.

And what kind of nerd would pass up the chance to make a laser cut dinosaur?

See Me Roar

The trend for laser cut cardboard animal head has been subverted with this T-Rex bust. There’s something adorable about his tiny hands…

Crafty Cow T-Rex (1)A Threatening Shadow

But the t-rex’s grown up sibling is much more frightening. The clever lighting exaggerates the precision cut and makes this beast even more impressive!

pintrest (1)

These simple designs might look amazing with clever lighting but laser cutting can be used to make even more impressive models.

Life-Size 3D T-Rex

You can use a CT scan to break down a 3D image into parts to be assembled. This means that by using computer aided design (CAD) you can create more accurate designs constructed from lots of small pieces.

D-torso used this method to create their t-rex which requires no glue to fit together.

d-torso-dinosaur (1)

Toothy Grin

trex-3d-head-cardboard (1)

Rather than cut pieces that then fit together, this t-rex head is crafted using stacked laser cut cardboard. This method gives the dinosaur head texture and definition especially when it comes to showing off those terrifying teeth!  

So next time you’re planning to make a laser cut novelty, these dinosaurs will be sure to give you some inspiration.