Our outdoor spaces are precious to us Brits and while lots of us spend a lot of time caring for our lawns, there are others who think of their gardens as canvases for their artistic designs. While we have already suggested alternatives to the humble garden fence there are plenty of other ideas brewing for adding laser cut beauty to your garden.

Here are a few ideas for sculptures that might just get you thinking about how laser cut art could add to your garden.

Something Out of the Ordinary

minneapolis sculpture garden (1)

Not standard, we agree, but this laser cut sculpture of a digger is satisfying nonetheless. While it is probably too big for most gardens, the fine details on such a large sculpture show the amazing level of detail laser cutting can provide.

For your garden, you might consider something a little smaller, but you don’t need to compromise on detail. The key to this design and placement is the surprise and novelty of the artwork. This can work on any scale and you can just imagine pulling back the foliage to find a small digger at the roots of one of your plants.

That’s going to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The Freedom Flighters

freedom flighters (1)

If the name of this sculpture doesn’t say it all, then the sculpture itself brings to life the escaping birds in stunning clarity. Laser cut from the metal, the birds take flight from the template.

The merging of natural imagery with the manufactured material and industrial process brings this piece an interesting juxtaposition. This sculpture is certainly one to hold the eye for a while…

Subtly in the Shrubbery


Backyard Garden Sculptures (metal art)


Of course, for many gardeners, a sculpture is not necessarily going to be the focal point of the garden but one of many points of interest. And this laser cut leaf sculpture is just that.

Nested into the shrubbery, the metal catches the eye and draws you in. The natural form is crafted so that you can still see through the veins of the leaf to the greenery behind the sculpture.

Having a few of these sculptures in different sizes around the garden could add some intrigue to otherwise flat borders and you could easily create a few different designs for variety.

Flower Power

flower ball

This sculpture looks rather lovely on its own, but we imagine it would look amazing as part of a water feature. While the metal would have to be treated to last under the water, a silver surface would reflect the feature and give a sense of space.

You could also consider putting lights in or around this feature to illuminate it at night. This would add interest to your garden in the evenings and would certainly cast some interesting shadows.

An Alternative to Gravel

laser cut letters

Some of the best sculptures are those we can interact with and at Subcon Laser, we had the privilege to work with Donovan and Siegel who brought a small patch of Edinburgh back to life with The Rust Garden.

Commissioned by the Edinburgh Printmakers, the garden was designed to be a space for reflection and interaction using tiny laser cut letters to form paths through the planting. We were delighted to get involved with the project and worked closely with the artists to produce the letters exactly as they wished.

While most of our clients prefer to treat mild steel to prevent rusting, the artists wanted to capture the transience of the area with their design and chose not to treat the mild steel. This meant that the letters had already started to change colour when they left our Nuneaton factory.
This project was definitely one of our favourites and we know that a bit of clever design and a laser cutter can make all the difference to a garden. Whether you add a sculpture, a laser cut fence or even a path of rusting laser cut letters, there are plenty of ways to add intrigue to your outdoor space.