Laser cutting is a cost-effective way to produce sections of metal and plate that have been cut in an easy, safe and efficient way. It is typically used for industrial and manufacturing applications, but in recent years other industry sectors such as schools have used this technology to achieve high-quality results.

laser cutting machine

But, what makes this technology such a revelation?

Well, that’s where we come in. In this post we are going to discuss the basics of laser cutting and just how much it really could help your business.

What does laser cutting entail?
In short, laser cutting – or laser amplification by stimulated emission of radiation – uses a high-powered beam to cut material based on computer-controlled parameters. As the laser and beam work in unison across the material, everything is either burned, melted or vaporised. And as a result, the advancement of laser technology means that there is very rarely any need for finishing work, as this process ensures a high-quality surface finish.

Here at Subcon Laser, every service we provide is supported with CAD, otherwise known as a computer aided design system. This is a software that is used to create precise drawings or technical illustrations and it can be used to create both 2D and 3D models.

Basic mechanics of laser cutting technology
In order for this technology to be used effectively, the laser machine will use stimulation and amplification techniques to convert electrical energy into a high-density beam of light. The stimulation occurs when the electrons are excited by an external source. During this process, two mirrors are used: one is reflective, whilst the other is partially transmissive. This allows the beam’s energy to return back into the lasing medium where it stimulates more emissions.

What are the benefits of laser cutting?

– Clean cut edges without roughness or dust formation.
– Cutting of various material thickness so a range of shapes and sizes can be produced to suit any needs.
– There’s a high level of precision and positional accuracy of the cut edges due to automatic recording.
– Maximum utilisation of circuit boards because no space has to be kept free for cutting in traditional cutting methods.
– Laser cutting machines use less energy for cutting metal sheets.
– It can be used to cut a variety of materials including ceramic, wood, rubber, plastic and a range of metals.
– Laser cutting is controlled by the help of computer programmes, which saves a substantial amount of manpower.

How can laser cutting help your business?

It’s quick – This powerful and efficient technology can cut up to 70% quicker than a traditional method of production. Not only will this benefit you, but it will allow you to provide a much faster service to your customers. In addition, by completing your own work at a quicker rate, it will give you more time to grow in other areas of the business and pick up new skills.

It’s cheap – Because of the speed, less power and time is needed to run the machine, which means you see the benefit of amazing results that cost less than you think. This is brilliant for your business because capital will be significantly reduced. The money you save, therefore, can be used in other areas of the business as a result.

It’s precise – As previously mentioned, laser cutting is accurate, which means the results will match that of your expectations. This removes the possibility of human error and allows a precise and exact finish every time.

High-quality products every time – To expand on the comment above, laser cutting not only cuts things accurately, but it’s perfect for providing a brilliant finish to any product. There will be no jagged edges and this is down to the state-of-the-art technology. Lasers cut by projecting repeated bouts of heat onto the material and the heat then cuts through the product to ensure a smooth cut each and every time.

The future of laser technology
Technology is something that evolves at a rapid speed and laser cutting is no different. From this post we can see that laser technology has the potential to change and improve a variety of industries with faster, safer and more efficient results.

Lasers are already a popular option in the health sector with laser eye surgery and laser tattoo removal, which are just some of the procedures people are opting for nowadays. There are even predictions suggesting that dentists may trade their standard drill for laser technology. This would allow dentists to work more closely with patients who suffer from diabetes or other health issues, as the laser technology will have the ability to reduce bleeding.

It’s hard to predict where lasers will go in the future but with health sectors, engineering as a whole and and eco-friendly bonus, it’s safe to say that lasers won’t be on the decline in the coming years. In fact, we believe that they will become a necessary tool in every industry.

Do you require laser cutting services?
At Subcon Laser Cutting we are recognised throughout the United Kingdom for being one of the leading suppliers in 2 dimensional laser cutting. We use the Axis laser cutting system in order to complete our work and do so accordingly to meet the high demand for our operations and our customer base is growing as a result.

If you would like to become part of this exciting laser cutting technology and believe your business could benefit from it, why not get in touch? Our services go beyond laser cutting and by choosing us you can expect welding, engraving, bending and forming and much more.

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Remember, laser cutting could really make a huge difference to your business so don’t miss out on this exciting state-of-the-art technology. Get in touch today and see what Subcon Laser Cutting can do for you!