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11 of the Best Laser Scenes in Film

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Where would Sci-Fi be without lasers? In the future, they seem to do everything. There’s something about seeing a laser zip across the big screen that makes it almost impossible to look away. They are the ultimate weapon, the coolest defence and make up what is possibly the most exciting bread toasting solution you will ever see. Here are 11 of the best scenes...

Star wars II - Attack of the Clones battle...

The Laser Weaponry Revolution

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When you think of laser weapons I guarantee you instantly associate them with a form of media, such as futuristic sci-fi films or TV shows. This is no longer the case, as a new breed of weapons have been designed for future warfare, with lasers being at the forefront of design. It may seem like a hard fact to grasp, but it’s the honest truth. These weapons don’t belong in...