Subcon Laser Coronavirus Statement

Issued February 2020 Subcon Laser Cutting Ltd is currently receiving queries regarding the Coronavirus (Novel coronavirus 2019-nCov) outbreak that originated in Wuhan City China, that has recently been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organisation. I can confirm that we as a company do not source any goods or…

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Attracting youth to the wide world of engineering

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Young people sometimes pigeonhole all engineering into one box, mentally filing it as being a rather niche profession for people who like to take very exact measurements and build tools that other people use to make fun things. But engineering is an enormous field, and perhaps the best way to begin to fill the manufacturing…

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No CAD drawing? No problem

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Since CAD technology first became commercially available, it revolutionised the practice of creating engineering drawings. Now virtually everything that is manufactured, built or assembled in the engineering and construction industries is made to a CAD drawing or set of drawings.

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The alliance of IoT and AI

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of assorted devices linked through the Internet which enables them to exchange data and interact with each other. They include virtually any devices that can connect to the Internet such as smart homes, smartphones, refrigerators, laptops, smart TVs, or anything that is connected to your Wi-Fi. Artificial…

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Subcon Laser’s £1 million investment in a new Trumpf laser cutting machine


To keep pace with demand for precision laser cutting across a multitude of substrate types and dimensions, Subcon Laser has purchased an innovative and impressive Trumpf 10KW fibre laser machine.   This represents an investment of £1 million, focused on matching the changing requirements of Subcon Laser’s growing number of manufacturing and engineering clients.  …

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Cybersecurity in manufacturing – an urgent issue

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Manufacturing is the engine of any economy, but what happens if this vital industry comes under attack from new and previously unrecognised sources? British manufacturing is currently enjoying a resurgence, with sustained growth which has maintained its significant contribution to the UK economy. The rapid integration of technology has been a major driver of this…

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Contributions of laser technology to society

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Laser technology has been a major contribution to the manufacturing industry. Without lasers, automation – a technology by which a process is performed with minimal human assistance – wouldn’t be possible. With automation, industries benefit in cost reduction and company productivity is increased. What is laser? Laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is…

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Robotics are transforming distribution for manufacturers around the world

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In this digital age, robotics are becoming increasingly relevant. For businesses across the world, technological advances are making operations simpler and paving the way for increased profits in the future. The manufacturing industry has always relied on technology and innovative engineering to evolve operations and production practices. Now, manufacturers from all over the world are…

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The 6 top laser cutting trends of 2019


With technology being integrated into our everyday lives at an exponential rate, it comes as no surprise at all that laser cutting is rising in prominence alongside this. In STEM Studies, for example, laser cutting is now considered one of the standard technologies to teach students; even as low down as the Computer Science GCSE,…

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The challenges of automation for smart manufacturing

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The challenges of automation for smart manufacturing The implementation of smart manufacturing is a very worthwhile process. If done successfully, businesses will enjoy enhanced efficiency and flexibility in terms of production processes. It is also a good way to make your production enterprise future proof. A mindset of planning for the future is essential when…

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Increased Automation in the UK Isn’t Synonymous To Fewer Jobs

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For some time now, the increased automation of the UK’s manufacturing industry has been met with divided opinions. In the case of business owners, it is seen as something worth embracing. It promises increased productivity, fewer manufacturing errors and reduced production costs. However, employees seem to be on the losing end of robotic automation. The…

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How the cloud is transforming manufacturing in 2019

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The adoption of the cloud in UK manufacturing firms has traditionally been slow, but that trend is now changing. It is widely expected that cloud penetration in manufacturing will increase substantially over the next 5 years, owing to a range of forces disrupting the manufacturing industry. There are many advantages (and a few disadvantages) to…

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