Subcon Laser Cutting

We are very excited to announce that Subcon Laser will be attending the prestigious Subcon Show 2014. The event will take place between 3-5 June 2014. This isn’t the first time that Subcon Laser have attended the Subcon show, but we are more excited than ever. Subcon is a fantastic opportunity for technological leaders from around the world to get together, share ideas, and discover the latest developments within the industry. There will be over 300 exhibitors, including Subcon Laser, and we are particularly looking forward to seeing the Engineer Design and Innovation Show. We will also be looking out for other laser cutting exhibitors, such as FC Laser and Laser Process, and speaking with different companies from across the world.

This year, we are also very excited about the first ever Engineer Conference at Subcon. The Conference will be a fantastic opportunity for other businesses to showcase their latest technologies and we hope to learn more about how we can improve our own company. There will be a range of sessions, including presentations and seminars, and they will be hosted by academics and some of the leading thinkers in the industry. In addition to this, there are several events within the Conference which we are very much looking forward to.

By attending Subcon 2014, our goal at Subcon Laser is to increase our brand awareness, communicate with new potential clients, and learn about the latest trends within our sector. This is a massive opportunity for our company so we are particularly excited to be attending the event again this year. Last time, Subcon Laser had incredible success in meeting new clients and improving our knowledge of how modern technology can improve our laser cutting services. For these reasons, we really appreciate the opportunities that Subcon provides and we hope to have an even better result this year.

Our exhibition stand will be situated at C12 and we’ll be there throughout the duration of the event. If you are interested in learning more about Subcon Laser, or would just like to say hello, then we are always excited to meet our partners within the industry. In addition to this, we will be attending all of the major shows during the Subcon event. If you would like to learn more about Subcon 2014 then here is an overview of the main exhibitors and events between 3-5 June.


There will be over 300 exhibitors this year at Subcon 2014. This is a fantastic result and ensures that all of the leading companies are here to experience all of this year’s opportunities. Here is a list of some of the exhibitors we are particularly excited about:

  • A&G Precision and Sons
  • BAEST Machinery Holding
  • FC Laser
  • Laser Process
  • Industrial Electronic Wiring
  • Stephenson Engineering
  • TFC Europe
  • Tharsus Group
  • City Engineering
  • WEC Group
  • Benham Manufacturing
  • Bliston Engineering
  • PTG Precision Engineers
  • Shakespeare Forgings
  • IS Cabletec
  • LCL Electronics

It’s so important that as many businesses within various sectors are able to attend Subcon. According to recent research conducted by Subcon, 86% of Subcon visitors are key decision makers and influencers within their respective fields. Even more so, Subcon has a high level of success rate amongst businesses who attend. The same study found that 81% of exhibitors at the event were either satisfied or highly satisfied with their time at Subcon. For these reasons, therefore, it’s highly recommended that new and established businesses attend the event.

Additionally, this year the headline partners will be: theEngineer, theEnginner Supplier Network, and MWP Advanced Manufacturing. Furthermore, there will be several Media Partners will promote the Subcon event. This includes:

  • Engineering Capacity
  • Production Engineering Solutions
  • MCM Subfornitura
  • Made In The Midlands
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • CiM
  • Foundry
  • CBM Metal Matters
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Machinery Market
  • MTD
  • Machines 4 Sale
  • Connect Industry Electronics

We are particularly excited by all of the prestigious Media Partners that will be helping to advertise the Subcon event this year. Even more so, we are thrilled by the variety of Associated Partners will be be hosting Subcon 2014. This will also include:

  • BTMA
  • ICME
  • EIA
  • AILO
  • Made In Sheffield
  • CBM
  • GMTA

This means that, in addition to the exhibitors, there will be a variety of different companies at Subcon 2014 who aren’t just from the technological industry. It’s the variety and multinational nature of Subcon which makes it one of the most important technological events in the world. We are incredibly lucky, moreover, that it’s hosted closeby in Birmingham.

Subcon Electrics Zone

The Subcon Electrics Zone will be an area within the event that’ll showcase the best in electronic design and manufacturing. The logic behind the Zone is to create a space where companies can test out new technology and assess whether it could benefit their company. In addition to this, the Zone should be able to provide the complete outsourced solution for many companies who rely on electronic equipment.

The great idea behind the Subcon Electrics Zone is that businesses will have the opportunity to meet with specialists and get an answer to all of their questions. However, it’ll also be a fun place where individuals can test out new technology and experience new gadgets. At Subcon Laser, we are definitely looking forward to seeing everything that the Electrics Zone has to offer.

The Zone itself is a fairly new addition to the Subcon Events calendar. Following previous exhibitions, 25% of Subcon attendees stated that wanted the event to include a way for businesses to source electronic products and services. With this in mind, we think it’s fantastic that Subcon takes such an interest in improving their event year by year.

Amongst others, some of the companies which confirmed that they will be exhibiting at the Subcon Electrics Zone are:

  • Arrival Electronics
  • Wurth Electronics
  • Batchbuild
  • Asteelflash

The Engineer Conference

The Engineer Conference is another fantastic opportunity for companies within the industry to showcase and learn about some of the most interesting technological developments in the world. More specifically, the Conference will look at inspiring examples of manufacturing technology from established and emerging UK companies.

There will also be plenty of speakers at the event, including experts from the engineering industry and from academia. One of the reasons that this Conference is so popular is because it offers a fascinating snapshot of the diverse industries based throughout the UK. The majority of companies who are in attendance at this event are some of the most influential and well-established in the world. In addition to this, many of the exhibitors find this a very useful opportunity to learn more about manufacturing strategies and trends.

This year’s Engineering Conference will be free and will comprise of a variety of presentations, industry keynotes, seminars, and ‘show and tell’ sessions. These sessions will give visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest technological developments within the respective sector. This is definitely not an event to miss.

According to Subcon, the event’s programme has been geared towards giving visitors the opportunity to pick and choose the sessions which interest them the most. Therefore, the Engineering Conference is incredibly flexible and aims to offer something which can interest everyone. Many of these sessions are very popular, however, so it’s always recommended to book in advance.

If you are interested in the programme of events, then here some of the shows we are particularly excited about:

  • The Siemens Keynote Address (Tuesday 3 – 10.00-10.45)
  • The BAE Systems Show and Tell (Tuesday 3 11.30-12.15)
  • The Eco3 Industry and Supply Chain (Thursday 5 12.15-13:00)
  • The Pratt and Whitney Keynote Address (Tuesday 14.30-15.30)
  • The Rolls Royce Keynote Address (Thursday 14.30-15.30)
  • The MAS Industry Supply and Chain (Wednesday 12.15-13.00)

Although there are many events at the Conference, we hope to experience as many of the seminars and presentations as possible. There are numerous sessions throughout the three days and it’s certainly a shame that we won’t be able to experience everything. However, one of the great things about Subcon is that you are given the opportunity to learn about things that you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to.

National Pavilions

This year, the Subcon Show will host an incredible selection of international companies. The National Pavillion is a fantastic opportunity for British companies to speak to other businesses from around the world and learn about each others’ industries. Even more so, it’s a great excuse to learn new things and build professional relationships with people that you wouldn’t ordinarily get the choice to meet.

There is an incredibly amount of diversity amongst visitors members of the National Pavillion. Amongst others, this includes businesses from the following counties:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Latvia

Given that many people travel incredibly far to visit Subcon, it’s a testament to how internationally revered the event is. Subcon attracts some of the most prestigious and well-respected companies within the industry. Therefore, we definitely don’t intend on missing out on the National Pavillion.

Subcon Laser and Subcon 2014

There are many reasons why businesses should attend the Subcon Show 2014. First, there will be over 300 world-class companies who will be visiting to learn more about technology and their respective industries. In addition to this, many of the suppliers will be looking to review current sourcing, supply chain, and improve their manufacturing strategies. This is, therefore, a fantastic opportunity for you and your company to potentially meet new clients and develop new business contracts.

If you are looking to create business at Subcon, then many exhibitors bring specs and drawings with them so that they can get instant quotes. Additionally, this is also a great opportunity for businesses within the same industry to get together and swap advice. This is why Subcon can be so useful and this is something that we’ve certainly benefited from.

Even more so, this year’s Subcon proves to be one of the most exciting yet. The introduction of the Engineers Conference will be an incredible opportunity to learn about the latest technology and how it could benefit your business. If you are interested in subcontracted electronics, then you’re almost guaranteed to find something to suit your needs. The best part of the Engineers Conference, moreover, is that it’s entirely free and has a flexible programme for all visitors. You can pick and choose the events which interest you the most and go from there.

Subcon Laser are especially excited about this year’s Subcon event. This will be a fantastic way for us to catch up with our colleagues in the industry. Even more so, we hope to increase our company awareness and hopefully meet potential clients. We are a UK-based company so we are particularly excited to meet other companies from throughout the world.